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Disrespecting The Game

Good Morning.

The Warbmeister isn’t happy. Again.

And this time he is unhappy about the revamped format of the Scottish League Cup, which will begin in July and include a group stage for those ‘clubs’ not in Europe.

Indeed, as PA reports

“Rangers boss Mark Warburton fears the new League Cup format could derail his attempts to topple Celtic next season”.

[*Cough cough cough splutter cough*]

Rangers boss Mark Warburton voices concerns about revamped League Cup

So what does Warbo have to say for himself? Let’s take a look…

Pre-season for me is the most important time of the year,” Warburton said. “It’s the chance you get to work with the players for six weeks to bed in new individuals, to bed in new tactical ideas, to go away on tour.

“You need to give yourself that chance and it needs to be the highest quality.

“I personally don’t [think the new League Cup format will get teams up to speed quicker]. That’s just my view but I don’t buy that.

“If I could have a pre-season where I have five or six games, starting with a non-league opponent, then a lower-league opponent, then one from a division just below before finishing with an English Premier League team and a top European side at a packed Ibrox, that for me would be ideal.

“I’m not sure it suits the bigger clubs to have a pre-season programme where your last two games are against lower-league opposition. Not for the elite level. Just because there’s a referee there doesn’t make it competitive.

“I’d love to play a top English club or La Liga club at a packed Ibrox and see where the players are the week before what will be a very important league campaign for us.

“Would it concern me if we were involved in the group stages next season? Absolutely. I want the best pre-season programme for Rangers Football Club. My aim has got to be to provide the best possible competition and preparation for what I hope is a successful league campaign.”

Hmmm. Warbo talks about his pre-season effectively being hijacked. No Mark, the season is starting earlier. With actual competitive fixtures. Against ‘clubs’ who play in the same country as yours. Who will face the same training, organisational and logistical challenges as yours. But without the benefit of Sevco’s facilities and wage bill.

And I find it hard to believe that an earlier start to the season poses an insurmountable challenge to a man of Warbo’s talents. 

As for his comments that  “I’m not sure it suits the bigger clubs to have a pre-season programme where your last two games are against lower-league opposition”… well yours isn’t one of the bigger clubs in Scotland Mr Warbs! Despite your hallucinations about a “top European side”  coming to the Crumbledome for a pre-season friendly!

And as for his sneering remark that “Just because there’s a referee there doesn’t make it competitive”, I am sure fans of St Johnstone feel exactly the same when they look back on their easy win over lower-league Sevco FC in the League Cup earlier this season.

Don’t they Mark?

The Warbmeister would do well to remember that his ‘club’ was founded from the dismembered body parts of dead Rangers three years ago and is in the second tier for a reason. Should it be in the Premiership next season it will find itself playing in the group stages of the League Cup because that is what it has earned so far.

If his genius takes Sevco into Europe in the 2017-18 season Warbo can then enjoy the benefits of it by joining the League Cup at the knock-out stage.


Warbs should also bear in mind that his ‘club’ is still reaping the benefits of being fast-tracked into senior football in 2012, has the second-biggest wage bill in Scotland, and benefits from a largely fawning and uncritical media. 

Deal with it Mark! 

With respect, you really don’t know how lucky you are!