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Distraught Scenes

Good Evening.

As news breaks that Real Madrid – an actual bona fide contender for the title of ‘World’s Most Successful Club’ – have been thrown out of the Copa Del Rey for fielding an ineligible player, there is widespread anguish amongst Scottish football pundits and journalists.

An absolutely, gut-wrenching feeling of horror.

In fact there are tears, thousand-yard stares, and an all-consuming agonising sense of ‘what might have been’.


Because they just realised that they forgot to copyright the list of reasons why a prominent football ‘club’ should not face a sporting sanction for apparently breaking the rules.

And parts of the Spanish press are no doubt about to use them all. With gusto!

So please spare a thought for Scottish football pundits and journalists as they see their Spanish counterparts…

  • suggest Real Madrid never actually engaged in proper ‘cheaty’ cheating
  • declare the issue ‘boring’ and say that everyone should simply ‘move on’
  • tell you that fans of other clubs aren’t interested in this ‘administrative error’ stuff
  • assert there is no appetite for seeking justice
  • try to lever religion, sectarianism or threats into the discussion
  • insist that sanctions against Real Madrid would damage other clubs; and
  • claim that in reality there is no mechanism to address wrong-doing and impose sanctions…

Never mind lads! They were a pile of rubbish anyway…

Personally I’d rather hear and read about sporting integrity and rule-breaking being properly punished…

But maybe I just have a warped view of the world.