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A Major Talking Point

Good Evening.

The Clumpany believes it is important for major issues to be subject to public discussion. That way we are all better-informed, and we learn about different perspectives and the importance of respecting the opinions of others.

And sometimes it is worth revisiting an issue. Especially if it is of the utmost importance to society and the general wellbeing of humanity.

So a big ‘well-played’ to the Evening Shark-Jump for publishing this today:

Times Talker: Should Rangers care about the Petrofac Training Cup?

…which looked an awful lot like this from 20 October. 

Times Talker: Is the Petrofac Training Cup important to Rangers this season?

Déjà (Light) Blue, eh?

I am sure that we are all grateful for Sevco’s continued participation in the Perpetual Failure Cup. Otherwise the Evening Shark-Jump would have very little to say, given that this is a particularly calm period when none of the clubs on its patch are experiencing a variety of potentially existence-threatening challenges and surviving on hand-to-mouth loans.

Are they?

And as for the content of the pieces, the most interesting point about them is the change of tone. Whereas the 20 October article referred to “Rangers’* trot towards the Championship finishing line”, “winning mentality” and “chalking up the victories”, today’s piece is somewhat more sober.

This time around, there is something of a shadow over the discussion of Sevco’s prospects, with a mention of “giving Hibs further encouragement in the title race” and of Warbo’s side “not playing especially well just now”. A win, we are told “and with it a place in the final, will surely help lift sagging spirits”.

That is quite striking stuff! It seems that some of the earlier giddy euphoria over the Warbolution has started to wear off as teams have adapted to Sevco’s style of play, and as Hibs have refused to be shaken off in the race for automatic promotion. 

As the ESJ makes clear, promotion is the one and only on-pitch priority for Sevco this season. Winning the Petrofac Cup would be nice but it is not essential, even if missing out yet again would be embarrassing. 

However, it is certainly interesting to see some doubts being expressed in the world’s most Sevco-positive media outlet. Indeed, the implication of some of their comments is that defeat to St Mirren in the upcoming semi-final will cause more doubt and raise further questions about Warbo’s promotion-pushers. Which won’t be good for what was once a “trot towards the Championship finishing line”.

So perhaps the Petrofac Cup really is important to Sevco this season. And not just because it offers the chance to win their first-ever cup competition…