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No Messing About

Good Morning.

No pithy comments this morning. Just a great big round of applause to a group of Aberdeen fans who took the above message – and the one below – to Hampden this morning to deliver a simple message and create a powerful image.  

 To those who 

…I think the message is very clear. 

The game in Scotland appears to have been a sham for a decade. An awful lot of us seemingly wasted money on it, and were most likely deprived of magical moments as one club sought (and apparently gained) a colossal advantage by not paying due tax and not properly registering their players. 

This appears to be a scandal of epic proportions. To try and avoid getting to the bottom of it would be to throw the entire sport in the dustbin. It would also be to wilfully abandon the sort of respect for due process and justice which underpins our democratic liberal society.

You know that, I know that, and the good fans of Aberdeen Football Club have made it very clear in banner form today.


These fans deserve our applause but they also deserve our backing. Please remember to keep up the pressure on your club. The SFA and SPFL are only likely to set aside the LNS Commission and establish a more wide-ranging enquiry if their member clubs lean on them. Hard.

I think that’s enough for now, but before I go, I’ll just leave one of the Aberdeen fans’ previous banners here for your perusal…