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‘Poisonous’, ‘Dehumanising’ and ‘Hate-Inspiring’

Good Evening.

It has been a lively week in the Clumposphere. What with the continuing fall-out following the Court of Session judgement on the Rangers (IL) ‘Big Tax Case’, and the announcement of the result of the Football Blogging Awards on Thursday (where yours truly was defeated by worthy winners @UnitedStandMUFC), The Clumpany has had barely a moment to properly reflect. 

But before I relax for the evening on one of the many sofas in Clumpany Towers, I thought I should share my concern about something which has been drawn to my attention by various Clumpaneers.

As regular readers will know, I was unable to attend the awards ceremony in Manchester (although I did steal the odd sneaky wee peak at the online broadcast. And who wouldn’t? This one-ethereal-entity-endeavour was up for a national award for Heaven’s sake!).

However I now really wish I had been able to attend. Because one of the one-time contenders for a prize has subsequently offered some startling observations about the views of the organisers and judges!

Had I been able to attend, perhaps the Clumpany super-senses would have been able to detect this alleged perspective and challenge it!

I could perhaps have gathered up a posse of fellow nominees such as Stan Collymore and Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and asked the organisers who these apparent blogs were. If nothing else it would have been good for us to meet these mysterious bloggers and challenge them on their views. They certainly sound the sort of folk who would be up for a wide-ranging debate in our wonderful democracy. Blessed as it is with ample room for free speech.

The awards were about Football Blogging FFS! What would any of the contenders be running a ‘poisonous’, ‘dehumanising’ or ‘hate-inspiring’ agenda in the name of covering football-related matters?

If the assertion quoted in the above-posted tweet is true, and such blogs were admitted into the awards then I hope the FBAs will review their eligibility criteria. I would also question why (if the above was the view of the organisers) they didn’t take action prior to the awards.

Frankly, I thought the awards were a great open competition celebrating the best of independent coverage (as well as my random musings). It looked like that, and it most certainly felt like that. And deep down I am sure that they ARE that. I certainly enjoyed the banter I had with @UnitedStandMUFC and @TheAnfieldChat who were in my category!

But the kind of commentary quoted above does make you wonder doesn’t it?

‘Poisonous’, ‘dehumanising’ and ‘hate-inspiring’. 

As a great philosopher once asked:

Who are these people?