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The Big ‘Thank You’


Well done to The United Stand!
Good Evening.

There will be no sarcasm, witty remarks or double-meanings in this blog.

Firstly, The Clumpany wishes to congratulate @UnitedStandMUFC on winning the vote for ‘Best New Blog’ at the Football Blogging Awards in Manchester tonight. A well-deserved win!

Secondly, I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to every single person who has embraced this blog since it’s clunky and wary debut at the (quite literal, but miraculously unseen) hand of Josh Meekings on 19 April 2015. 😉

The Clumpany remains a random punter who cares deeply about our wonderful national sport in Scotland. Fitba has the capacity to delight, infuriate and leave you begging for more on a daily basis. It is the kind of thing that anyone searching for ‘sporting entertainment’ would snatch your hand off for, should it be presented to them on a blank drawing board.

Or rather they would if they could be sure that the national sport WAS actually a sport.

Let’s face it, right now our national game seems to be staring down the barrel of a choice. A choice between being a genuine sport, or being a total sham focused on Ibrox-flavoured clubs which absolutely MUST retain triumphalism-fuelling  trophies whatever it takes.

These are crucial times, and the kind of free-thinking and unwillingness to accept the status quo which was on display at the Football Blogging Awards tonight is exactly what our game needs right now.

So please let me say thank you to you all, and please allow me to urge you to…



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