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Breathe Deeply!


Good Afternoon.

To date, we haven’t heard much from Stewart Robertson, the still-relatively-new Managing Director of Sevco. But today he popped up to give bloggers such as myself some airtime and the oxygen of publicity by declaring on the Sevco website: 

“Personally, I would rather not give these guys the airtime or the oxygen.”

He didn’t think that one through, did he?

Robertson also said “When these guys say things, you can disregard it, but there may come a time depending on what they actually say that we may need to act, but we’ll keep an eye on it, but we have much more important things to do than worry about online bloggers.”

So we are being watched, and action may be taken, but they have more important things to worry about than bloggers?

He didn’t think that one through either, did he?

The piece was titled “Fan Engagement Critical” and started off talking about the contribution the fans had made to bringing about the Glorious King Era, before moving on to welcome moves to form a newly-merged fans’ group, and then spoke about their possible future contribution to the cause.

But then it veered off into ‘circling the wagons’ territory:

“Over recent years, Rangers have been the subject of a number of malicious articles both in print and in blogs with very little in the way of a retort. While conceding that not every article penned online will be dignified with a response, Robertson insisted the club will now stand up for itself as and when required.”

Perhaps echoing the previous statement about the possibility of title-stripping, the article spoke of the ‘club’ wanting to be treated fairly, and wishing to see fair and balanced reporting. It then said:

“A favourite malicious rumour doing the rounds among these bloggers at the moment suggests that Rangers are set to go into administration once again. When asked if this was categorically untrue, Robertson responded: ‘Absolutely. The club put a statement out last week, and Dave King and the Three Bears said that they will continue to fund the club going forward. Due to the various court proceedings that are going on at the moment, the listing is not possible at the current time. I met with the guys personally last week, and they are 100% behind the club and I have absolute confidence that they are there to fund the club going forward.’”

Although it is good to know that Sevco won’t be going into their first ever administration, the whole piece was extremely curious. A public company openly musing about the implications of online chat, and indicating that it would take a stand against undefined ‘unfair treatment’.

You could perhaps wonder whether the piece was actually intended as a sop to beleaguered co-investors who have recently seen an awful lot of bad news for their ‘same club’.

But that would be a very cynical point of view.

Enjoy the oxygen of publicity provided by Mr Robertson and…