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Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring!

B2B-BoringGood Boring Morning.

Congratulations to Matthew Lindsay of the Herald and Evening Shark-Jump for attempting to provide the definitive journalistic comment on the latest judgement in the Rangers ‘Big Tax Case’.

The contribution in question comes at the end of a pretty stark piece about the difficulties the King regime faces in trying to persuade His Big Mikeness to relax his grip on the Sevco retail operation.

Rangers fans rage against the Sports Direct machine – but can the Ibrox club break free and prosper?

In it, Matthew is moved to observe that:

“A negotiation team comprising Kofi Annan and Henry Kissinger would struggle to broker an acceptable compromise with the enigmatic and ruthless billionaire”.

Unfortunately space constraints seem to have precluded any discussion about whether repaying the £5m loan from Sports Direct might make HBM more amenable to some sort of compromise with Sevco, or at least loosen his grip on the retail operation. I will look out for it in Matthew’s next article.

But let’s look at what Chief Football Writer Lindsay had to say about the Big Tax Case:

“THE appeals to the SPFL to launch another investigation into the use of EBTs by Rangers in the wake of the Court of Session ruling in favour of HMRC in the so-called “Big Tax Case” in order to bring closure to the whole sorry episode last week raised a smile.

The independent commission chaired by Lord Nimmo Smith in 2012, which concluded that Rangers had gained no unfair sporting advantage from their deployment of the controversial tax avoidance scheme between 2001 and 2010, hardly drew a line under the affair did it?

Essentially, the argument breaks down as follows – supporters of Celtic and other Scottish clubs say Rangers cheated and should be stripped of the trophies they won in that period while followers of Rangers say no SFA or SPL rules were broken and their titles were won fairly and squarely on the field.

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