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An Apology From The Clumpany

Good Morning.

It has come to my attention that I have sometimes been overly critical of certain parts of the Scottish sports media. Maybe a little too sneering on occasion. And perhaps a little disrespectful of the challenges involved in filling newspapers and airtime to satisfy a savvy audience that is desperate for thought-provoking tidings.

I have been particularly critical of the Evening Times newspaper, going so far as to call it ‘The Evening Shark-Jump’ once in a while.

Yes, I know. Regrettable stuff.

However, it is never too late to make amends. And I feel that an apology may be in order this morning. 

I know what you are thinking: “What has brought about this change of heart, Comrade Clumpany?”.

Well, let me tell you.

Quite unexpectedly, The Evening Times broke a story about Sevco last night. At 10pm. Now that’s dedication!

And it wasn’t just a bit of trivia about someone saying The Warbmeister and his team are utterly brilliant – which is often the stock-in-trade of the Evening Times sports pages.

No, this was something genuinely interesting, and related to off-pitch matters! And let’s face it there are no shortage of those in Sevconia.

Here is the piece in question.

Sports Direct bid to block charity cash to Rangers Former Players Benevolent Fund over alleged trademark breach

Blimey. This is striking stuff which accords with the narrative set out in Dave King’s recent statement about the activities of Mike Ashley in relation to Sports Direct’s retail deal with Sevco. 

Well done to the Evening Times for staying up late to bring us the news. It will be interesting to see what King et al do in response as they take the battle to Ashley.

What’s that you say?


The Daily Record also broke a story at around 10pm last night?

About Mike Ashley taking legal action against Dave King?

In relation to the recent injunction/interdict preventing public comment on confidential matters in the Sports Direct/Sevco retail contracts?

It mentions the possibility of ‘jail’ and ‘fines’, you say?

If confirmed, this could be potentially embarrassing and expensive for the King-led board, you say?

Good grief! That sounds serious.

And what an extraordinary coincidence that the Evening Times should run a story showing His Big Mikeness in an arguably bad light at the same time. That’s quite remarkable. Especially as we all know that Ibrox-based clubs don’t have a PR operation that can substantively influence the output of mainstream media.

Nevertheless, the coincidence doesn’t mean that we can’t admire the journalistic endeavour in the Evening Times piece. And I am sure that any minute now I might find the paragraph pondering whether Sports Direct might simply have been enforcing their commercial rights rather than aiming to deprive a charity of money. 

I might also locate the paragraph asking whether those who received correspondence from Sports Direct lawyers ought to have asked for permission to use trademarks in the first place.

Now, about that Clumpany apology…