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Clumping Fish In A Barrel


Good Morning.

“Whyte bought Rangers from Sir David Murray for £1. But the deal in 2011 included a clause that he must settle Rangers’ debt to Lloyds Banking Group of around £18 million.

When Whyte took over, questions were raised by fans about his personal wealth. But his PR company tried to stop the debate by saying: ‘Describe him as a billionaire’.”

The above quote comes from this extraordinary piece by Keith McLeod in today’s Daily Record, which deserves reading in its entirety.

Former Rangers owner Craig Whyte does yet ANOTHER disappearing act – failing to attend court as he is declared bankrupt

“Describe him as a billionaire”, eh?

What the Record fails to do is mention that it did indeed describe Whyte as a “billionaire”, as well as a “financial whizzkid” in one of the most amazing pieces of Scottish sports ‘journalism’ ever!

Journalism which arguably did their many Rangers-supporting readers a colossal disservice.

Craig Whyte profile: The Scots billionaire on the brink of taking over the club he lovesIMG_7677
Seriously. Go back and read that piece again. And then reflect on what Keith McLeod said today.

It’s incredible stuff, isn’t it?

And Mr McLeod isn’t quite finished there. His piece also includes this additional piece of outright comedy:

“Rangers went into administration in February 2012 and the company running the club were consigned to liquidation on June 14 of the same year.

The club’s business and assets were sold to a consortium fronted by Charles Green for £5.5 million and the team continued playing, resuming in the Scottish Third Division.”

Mr McLeod appears not to have checked what ‘incorporation’ means before writing his article, and his use of the word ‘resuming’ (which also appears in The Scotsman) is simply sublime.The fact that those sentences appear under a picture of a Record front page which actually referred to “The Moment That Killed Rangers” just adds to the spectacle!


So let’s all raise a Buckie and Bleach cocktail in toast to the Daily Record for getting the Clumping day off to such an outstanding start!

But please do spare a thought for the staff of the Evening Shark-Jump sports desk who must be tearing their hair out this morning and wondering how on earth they can possibly outdo the Record…

No pressure lads.The Clumpany has every confidence in you…


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