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The Art of Headline-Writing

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Oh you have to love the Sevco-related output of Herald/Shark-Jump Towers (and indeed other media outlets too).

Here is a headline from the Herald website following Sevco’s apparently hard-fought victory against St Mirren yesterday:

Mark Warburton tips Wes Foderingham for future England call after gutsy performance against St Mirren

And here are the key extracts from the piece:

“MARK WARBURTON, the Rangers manager, tipped Wes Foderingham as a possible future England international after the goalkeeper was instrumental in his side recording their 11th SPFL Championship victory in a row”.

“’He is a first-class keeper’  he said. ‘I’ve seen him many times down south. He played 175 league games as a young keeper and he’s only 24 years old. We are demanding of Wes to play with his feet – really challenging him every single day – and you saw the quality we displayed again today. He has been first class and I think Wes has the capability to go to a higher level. I don’t mean that in terms of his club, but in terms of how far he can go in the game. I think he could be [an international goalkeeper]. You look at him; his distribution, his shape, he comes for crosses, he is assured, he dominates his area. He kicks so well off of both feet and you saw his quality at basic shot-stopping as well’.

Did you notice those square brackets in the Herald’s account of The Warbmeister’s words?

Good. They prompted me to go searching for other accounts of his comments…

So let’s now compare The Herald’s Warbo quotes with those in this Record piece

“Warburton said: ‘It’s the busiest Wes has been by far this season and he pulled out two or three outstanding saves.

He’s a top-class goalkeeper and you saw the quality he displayed again – his shot-stopping is first-class. I think Wes has the capability to go to a much higher level. I don’t mean that in terms of the club but in terms of levels in the game. He has delivered the goods time and time again and he’ll just keep getting better and better.’

Asked if he is good enough to be an international keeper, Warburton added: ‘I think he could be. You look at his distribution, his shape. He comes for crosses, he’s assured and dominates his area. You saw his quality again in this game'”.

So basically Warbo enthused about his keeper (who had been released by his previous club) doing well in a match in the second tier of Scottish football. Warbo suggested he could conceivably ‘go places’, the press asked if that might include international football, Warbo said it might, and….

BOOM! You have headlines about Wes Foderingham being “tipped” to play for England! The fact that this eventuality is about as likely as the Herald becoming the Official Media Partner of the England Football Team is seemingly neither here nor there!

Still, at least the illusion of second-tier Sevconery being exactly the same thing as souped-up Rangersness has been continued for one more day…


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