What’s in a Name?

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The Clumpany enjoys a good sweeping statement. And it’s even better when it provokes a comedic reaction in the Clumposphere.

Step forward Ronnie MacKay of the Scottish Sun who had this to say last night:

I wondered if he was referring to the Dalai Lama, who was known as Lhamo Dondrub during his earliest years. Or perhaps King George V of the United Kingdom who changed his family name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor in 1917. Or maybe singer Neville Holder who has long been known by the name Noddy.

Of course, in the world of the written word (of which Mr MacKay is a part) there has been a long tradition of authors adopting a different ‘pen’ name.

In literature for example, George Orwell was actually called Eric Blair, Lewis Caroll was in reality Charles Dodgson, and George Eliot was most certainly not a George in real life!

In the field of journalism, Charles Dickens wrote sketches for newspapers under the assumed name ‘Boz’.  And newspapers sometimes feature articles penned by fictitious journalists, or which have the anonymised byline “by [Newspaper/Press Association] reporter”.

Unfortunately, none of these examples – which show people ‘changing names’ and the world not ending – bring us any closer to knowing who Ronnie had in mind when writing the above Tweet.

It briefly crossed my mind that he could have been referring to a Donegal-based journalist who uses the Irish spelling of his name, and who has apparently never actually changed name…

But that would be silly, because there’s nothing wrong or inherently untrustworthy in doing that, is there?

Maybe it really is Neville ‘Noddy’ Holder who has the troubling ‘agenda’. If it is, I am hoping that it’s a Glam Rock-based one!



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