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Slammed Doors and Unanswered Calls

“Don’t you know who I am?”

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Earlier today, The Clumpany saw this Tweet from Keith Jackson:

It was seemingly a response to earlier suggestions that the output of the Record might be influenced by Level5 PR on behalf of the latest Ibrox-based football club.

This jibe is frequently aimed at the Scottish sports media, and I am sure that the sheer scale of the assertions must outweigh the truth of any actual influence exerted by a PR company.

Because if it didn’t, then the PR company would have to be in the newsrooms writing all the copy!

And I don’t doubt that it gets irritating for journalists to hear the same jibe day after day.

But here’s a question:

If RIFC (and – prior to the March EGM – Dave King) employ a PR company headed by

  • a veteran former senior Scottish Sports journalist;
  • who used to be Director of Communications at Ibrox; and
  • who is presumably still very well-connected…

then what on earth are they paying for if their work has no substantive impact on the output of the media?

So you can’t blame people for being sceptical.

After all, it would be very demoralising for a PR firm to have phone calls unanswered, doors slammed in their face, and emails consigned to the ‘spam’ folder day after day after day…


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