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A Phantom Correction

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Hat-tip to Woodstein on The Scottish Football Monitor and @ArthurStramash on Twitter for drawing The Clumpany’s attention to this correction which appeared in the Daily Record yesterday.


If ever an article merited a correction it was this one by Keith McLeod on 25 September.

Old Rangers board signed deal with Charles Green agreeing to pay legal costs if he was accused of being a CRIMINAL

It contained this somewhat ‘striking’ text:

“The club went into administration and subsequent forced liquidation by HMRC over a “phantom” £80million tax bill, The club were later cleared of having ever owed the taxman.”

As I explained in this piece, these assertions were absolutely laughable.

Not Having A Scooby

But that didn’t stop the Record from cashing in and producing a pull-out-and-keep “Guide to Phantoms”, which was a truly gripping read! 😉

The ‘Daily Record’ Guide To Phantoms

The Clumpany has no idea who complained to the Record, but I am sure HMRC wouldn’t have been disappointed to see yesterday’s correction being published.

I note that – in being clear it was unpaid PAYE and National Insurance contributions which helped force Rangers into liquidation – the Record still refers to a separate ‘phantom ‘ £80m tax bill. And it does so without mentioning that some of the cases making up that bill have been conceded to HMRC, others are going through the appeals process, and some have been sent back to the First Tier Tax Tribunal.

I suppose it was too much to hope for a whole series of clarifications. Still, the first one is a good start…

Now, about that Great Liquidation Lie…


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