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The Secret Of Eternal Struth


The award was thrilled to be presented to Mark Warburton
Good Evening (and please vote ‘Clumpany’ by 30 October!).

There really is no end to the all-round awesomeness of The Warbmeister.

He is not a man who simply turns up to an awards ceremony a bit early and has a mooch around to pass the time.

No, he engages in something worthy and meaningful. Something which adds a little decorum to proceedings and generally enhances the overall well being of humanity.

News of his latest astonishing act was brought to us by Hugh Keevins. [And let’s face it, we were all expecting comedy when Hugh took to Twitter, weren’t we? 😉]

Reflecting on last night’s Scottish Football Hall of Fame Annual Inductees Dinner, Hugh tweeted the following:

Wow! Not just showing an interesting, but “Proper respect”

Anyone who has cast a cursory eye over the Scottish print media, heard the radio or watched TV in recent times will be familiar with the narrative of ‘Warbo’s Genius’.

He does everything to the max. His signings are amazing, his tactics are astonishing, his team’s performances are jaw-dropping (THAT St Johnstone game doesn’t count …), he can change his approach depending on the formation of the opposition, and he is highly thought of ‘south of the border’…

And that hat! Boy is it magic! 

What’s more, although he manages a completely different ‘club’, we already know from the breathless coverage of his early run of league victories that he has obtained the Secret of Eternal Struth.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Warbs is even capable of canonising himself, should he so choose!

And get this…

He used to be a City Trader. In the City. Where he traded stuff. 

Scottish football has never seen the like before. And I am not sure that world football or Western Civilisation has either. 

Furthermore, I have no doubt that word of his talents has already reached the Amazon, Sahara, Arctic, Antarctic and even Distant Dave King’s Johannesburg home.

But woe betide anyone who disrespects him and his team. He seems to feel entitled to respect, and who can blame him?

So what next from Mark ‘Proper Respect’ Warburton? 

I look forward to Hugh Keevins bringing us further amazing tales of Warbo healing the sick, bringing about world peace, reversing climate change, reducing the tax on booze, and – most importantly – ending the scourge of journalists’ delayed flights home from international matches.

For my part, I would just like to thank Warbo for writing this blog for me. Day after day. He is so self-effacing that he won’t put his own name to it. 

What do you mean “it’s too crap to have been written by The Warbmeister”?


Let’s have some proper respect, please.


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