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A Marathon AND A Sprint

A Marathon, Not a Sprint

Good Morning (and please vote ‘Clumpany’ by 30 October!).

A little bit of self-indulgence this morning. [Yes I know, that will really stand out from all the other blogs I write…].

An obscure alarm went off in Clumpany Towers this morning. Having looked around for an hour, I located it and found that it was the “six months since the first Clumpany Blog” alarm.

Six months, eh? The time flies by!

And how things have changed since I discovered that it was possible (if ultimately inadvisable) to write more than 140 characters at a time… The first Clumpany blog [*cringe*] was about a Celtic game involving controversial officiating from Alan Muir:

Thoughts on the Celtic v ICT Scottish Cup Semi-Final

I wonder whatever happened to Mr Muir?

When Alan Muir ‘Dropped Three Points’

Oh dear…

Over the past six months of “Boring, repetitive, borderline plagiarism”, and “not concentrating on my own team” a range of subjects have been covered in 238 blogs (I write fast…), including

  • The hilarious output of the Evening Shark-Jump
  • The hilarious output of the Evening Shark-Jump
  • The hilarious output of the Evening Shark-Jump
  • The Great Liquidation Lie
  • Online bullying
  • Anti-Irish Racism
  • Controversial officiating
  • The limitless talents of Scottish football administrators
  • The Warbolution
  • The search for Dave King’s war chest
  • The occasional game of actual football
  • The hilarious output of the Evening Shark-Jump

And much more besides…

I am grateful to each and every one of you who have read the output, and even more grateful to those who came back a second time. It was most unexpected…

Numbers mean very little, but I am quite chuffed with the 1.3 million views and half a million visitors to date. And not one MSM journalist among them! Tut!


In a piece about shameless self-congratulation, it would be stupid remiss of me not to mention the Football Blogging Awards 2015  where The Clumpany is somehow a finalist in the “Best New Blog” category.

I suspect you may know the drill by now, but if you would like to continue registering your support you can vote for me in the via

Twitter by using this link

On the FBA website, by following this link

The deadline for voting is 30 October so the end (and the begging) is in sight…

If you would like further information, there is a special Evening Shark-Jump guide  in preparation…

Many thanks and…