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When Alan Muir ‘Dropped Three Points’

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It really wasn’t Alan ‘Veteran of the Celtic-ICT Scottish Cup Semi-Final’ Muir’s day today. On the big occasion he managed to drop three points. Nae luck Alan.

Still, his loss was Celtic’s gain, and they managed to go to the top of the SPFL Premiership after a 1-0 win at Motherwell, following another defeat for Aberdeen last night.

Regular readers (and I know some of you keep coming back for more punishment…) will know that I am not a big fan of conspiracy theories. That said, I have certainly seen enough ‘honest mistakes’ over the years, and read enough publications on the subject of bias to convince me that it would be foolish to dismiss such ideas completely out of hand!

But what I will say about Alan Muir’s performance today is that it was absolutely abysmal. Rank rotten.

Two clear penalties went unawarded, and some rather tasty fouls went unpunished. Refereeing mistakes can happen and I tend to think they often (but not always) balance themselves out over a season.

However, the forces of Balanced Karma would struggle to mount a defence for Muir today. He was awful, and if the SFA’s referee monitoring processes don’t pick that up and address it, then there is something very wrong indeed with the system. 

And let us not forget that Muir isn’t alone in his apparent shortcomings. Willie Collum and Steven McLean (to name but two), keep getting things wrong to completely unfunny effect. If you don’t believe me, try asking the Hearts fan in your life about Willie Collum [Hint: you might want to set aside several hours to hear out their reply].

Everyone likes to knock referees. It is part of the game. However, I think you would struggle to find any fan, pundit or journalist in Scotland who would honestly argue that the standard of officiating here is acceptable.

Personally, I hope that Celtic have a grumble to the SFA about the standard of Muir’s performance today. Doing so when you have won immediately diffuses the easy counter-accusation of ‘sour grapes’, although I suspect that still wouldn’t stop some in the media from taking a pop at Celtic!

On a wider note, today’s fixture is one to remember when folk say the SPFL is a one-horse race which Celtic fans don’t really care about. Every Celtic fan I know and have seen online today is absolutely delighted to be at the top of the league, and – yes – ‘punched the air’ with delight when Aberdeen lost last night. 

Some of them had even been quite perturbed when the Dons had recently gone five points clear.

The last few minutes of today’s game were painful viewing, and not just because of the nature of the spectacle on display. It was painful because we wanted the three points and to be back at the top of the league.

It was almost as if there is some competition, and the Scottish Premiership matters (a great deal) to fans of the heavy favourites to win it. 

Fancy that eh? 

So (once again) a great big Clumpany GIRUY to those who try and do down the Scottish game. It’s got an awful lot going for it. 

Especially now Celtic are top of the league! 😉  


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