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“…In Association With Kool-Aid”

Rumours abound that Kool-Aid Man writes a column in the sports section of a Scottish newspaper
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All is well at Sevco.

Absolutely everything is fine.

There are no financial difficulties.

None of the assets are secured against a loan which the Chairman doesn’t really view as a loan.

There are no potentially calamitous court cases underway, or on the horizon.

RIFC shares are listed.

Accounts have been audited and report a company with no ‘going concern’ issues.

There is ‘over-investment’ as far as the eye can see.

And the team and manager are the greatest ever to grace Scottish football.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Sevco page on the Evening Shark-Jump website. 

Brought to you in association with Kool Aid…


For the avoidance of doubt, even the Record’s Sevco page manages to mention yesterday’s preliminary hearings at the High Court in Edinburgh.

By the way, if you attend any games in Scotland this weekend, it would be interesting to know whether you see any mention of anti-Irish Racism in the ‘Fortnight of Action’ being promoted by ‘Show Racism the Red Card (Scotland)’. They didn’t reply to my queries on this matter.

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