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WARNING! Potential Kidknapping!


At last! Something in the war chest!
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Believe it or not, I would love to see the sports pages of the Evening Shark-Jump report some actual news. You might think that I secretly appreciate its supplies of fodder for the Clumpany to process.

But no. I would much rather it produced some serious context-laden pieces about the football ‘clubs’ on its patch, rather than endless guff. In the case of Sevco, especially, you’d think that the ESJ would be practically tripping over the range of meaty issues available to investigate.

Sadly, however, it seems that the ESJ staff are well-skilled in treading carefully around those sort of issues, and are content to produce pieces at which I (and others) can only point and laugh.

And here is another one:

Richard Gough hopes Premier League clubs don’t make moves to land Rangers boss Mark Warburton

Chris Jack [oh you’d already guessed who wrote it!] reproduces extracts from Gough’s blog for Ladbrokes and adds some commentary. [An approach that I would never adopt in THIS blog 😉].

Chris sets the scene in enthusiastic fashion:

“The 53-year-old [Warbo] is highly rated south of the border following his time at Brentford and has made a stunning start to the campaign following his summer switch to the Gers.

Warburton will look to guide his side to a tenth successive Championship victory when they host Queen of the South.

The Englishman has wasted little time in making his mark in the Scottish game and nine-in-a-row hero Gough knows he will come to the attention of clubs sooner rather than later if he can continue to impress in the dugout.”

There are several familiar cliches in those paragraphs.

  • The assertion that Warbo is “highly rated” in England despite Brentford having let him go and no other English clubs being interested.
  • The ‘stunning’ start to the campaign which includes a succession of wins against second-tier-or lower sides (some of whom are part-time), and a comprehensive defeat to Premiership St Johnstone; and
  • A reminder that Richard Gough’s middle names are “nine-in-a-row-hero”.  

So what does the man who famously confirmed Rangers’ death and fronted a financially-disruptive Sevco season ticket trust fund campaign have to say about The Warbmeister?

“He’s been a breath of fresh air at Ibrox and has made a huge difference in such a small space of time. The atmosphere is vastly improved on last season and while much of that is down to the new board being in place Mark’s influence on that cannot be understated”.

Nice plug for the brilliant new board there Richard!! 

“I do worry that with the success he is having and various managers losing their jobs or being under threat in England that a side like Newcastle could come calling in the near future, but Mark strikes me as the sort of man who likes to finish what he has started so hopefully he get us up and then back into Europe and competing for the Ladbrokes Premiership title.”

Good. Grief. Warbo delivers a few Scottish second tier victories with an expansive style of football, and Gough ‘worries’ that a Premier League struggler might look to gamble their place in English football’s 20-member financial orgy by snapping him up!

This is pure unadulterated guff! Does Gough have no sense of perspective or realism? 

Does he actually think that this is Rangers rather than a down-at-heel tribute act?

Presumably Gough’s comments and the ESJ piece are meant to help the Sevconian multitude feel upbeat about their ‘club’? And perhaps delight in having the hottest young managerial talent in Britain since Ally McCoist first set out on the long road to costly European exits and Ramsdens Cup runners-up glory at his two clubs?

I wonder if it will work? Or whether the fans’ groups are now issuing ‘hands off Warbo’ statements to Premier League clubs, and guarding him 24 hours a day lest they try to kidnap him… 


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