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A Day of Reckoning?

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On 3 July 2013 the Sevco website published 

“the first of a new series of exclusive, in-depth and hard-hitting TV interviews” wherein James Traynor spoke to Rangers* Manager Ally McCoist”.

Traynor Interviews McCoist

In my humble opinion, it is not Traynor’s finest moment as Communications Director at Sevco. That would have to be his wibbletastic ‘Thomson Should Blog Off’ opinion piece which appeared on their website on 13 February 2013.

But the McCoist interview is a classic in its own right. Towards the end (from 23:30mins) Traynor starts talking about people “having a kick at this club” and gets rather emotional. He takes a pop at people “who claim to be Rangers fans”, and states (somewhat ominously) “some of us know who they are” before uttering the immortal words 

“There WILL be a day of reckoning” (25:30mins). 

McCoist concurs, saying

“The day of reckoning. And it will come. All I would ask for is that we handle it with the same class we have handled the last 140 years. Apart from the last two”.

The precise timing and content of the Day of Reckoning was never subsequently defined.

But I note that a pretty substantial process of potential ‘reckoning’ is about to kick off today in a preliminary hearing at the High Court in Edinburgh…

Green, Whyte and five others due at court for Rangers fraud case

Maybe that’s what Traynor and McCoist had in mind on that angry day in July 2013?


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