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The End Of The Road?

Good Morning (and please Vote ‘Clumpany’!).

The Evening Shark-Jump maintains a generally upbeat narrative when it comes to matters Sevco.

Upbeat in a “constantly punching the air with glee and crying ‘Rejoice! Rejoice! The King Warbolution has saved the world!'” kind of a way…

As a result, we are generally given the impression that absolutely nothing is wrong – or could go wrong – at the Crumbledome. 

And sometimes, truly awesome statements are carried with a straight face that could only be maintained by summoning up vast amounts of staunchness.

And so it was today.

The Evening Shark-Jump ran two (yes TWO!) ‘Exclusive’ (yes ‘EXCLUSIVE’!) pieces about noted protesters Sons of Struth setting up a football academy.

The dream comes true for Rangers* fans group the Sons of Struth as they launch new football academy

Former Rangers* striker Marco Negri joins the Sons of Struth Academy

For the avoidance of doubt, I think it is great that they are creating an opportunity for kids to play and be coached in football. I also have a certain respect for the Sons of Struth’s group’s willingness to get off its backsides and try and do something about the previous Sevco regime which they so disliked. 

Not that my opinion will matter a jot to them.

However, I did find myself chuckling at the articles produced by Chris Jack today, As is so often the case, they contained phrases which read like the script for a film trailer voiceover…

Read the following aloud in a deep ‘epic’ tone of voice…

“THEY are the guys who had a dream – to start a football team. Now, it has become a reality for the Sons of Struth”.

“The SoS rose to prominence during Rangers’ off-field troubles and were at the forefront of the fight for change in the Ibrox boardroom”.

“The fans in the stands found their voice and finally saw change at the top of the Marble Staircase”.

“Now, they have a new focus, a new objective”.

Do you see what I mean?

But the best bit of the pieces came in the quotes from Craig Houston. They included a gem that would have us believe that Sevco’s troubles are at an end, and that Clumpaneers can now pack up and call it a day!

“Having had the protests over the last few years, it is changed days at Rangers now. We are going to Ibrox and seeing free-flowing football and we don’t have to worry about what is going on in the boardroom”.

Changed days? So the ‘club’ is not living on loans any more? It won’t require yet more external finance to keep going? And Mike Ashley has released the security over most of the Sevco assets which was in place before the new regime took over in March? 

Don’t have to worry about what’s going on in the boardroom? So Mr Houston has seen the war chest and the plans to have RIFC shares relisted, is relaxed about the accounts, and has no concerns over the potential impact of various court cases?

Phew! It must be great to be confident. 

Rather than sound complacent.


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