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“We’ve gutter great story for you…”
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One of the few things we can all agree about in the crazy world of Scottish football is that absolutely no one is ever targeted for abuse. No one ever has their life turned upside down because someone else – or a significant number of folk – have taken exception to something that they have said or done. And it certainly never happens over something trivial.

So it is entirely understandable that the Daily Record would see no problem in running the following story today [Which I will not link to, but which you can look up yourself.]

Pictured: Scotland fan invades Hampden pitch for selfie with Robert Lewandowski.. but did it cost us our Euro 2016 dream?

[Hat-tip to @carpetdust for the picture]
Featuring pictures of a young man with Lewandowski – which were apparently found on Instagram – the Record ‘reported’ the following:

“THIS is the selfish selfie-taker who might have cost Scotland their place at the Euro finals. The supposed fan stunned Polish hero Lewandowski when he vaulted over trackside barriers and made a bee-line for the striker – then took of selfie of himself with the man who killed our qualification hopes.

But the one-man pitch-invasion could have prolonged the game long enough for the Pole to have the last laugh by grabbing a flukey equaliser with the final kick of the ball in the 94th minute.

A total of six substitutions were made in the second half of the game. FIFA rules state that the referee must add 30 seconds for each change, meaning an extra three minutes were due.With no stoppages for treatment, it appears referee Viktor Kassai added an extra minute to account for the fan-cam incident.”

The Record then lists some some “raging” comments from Scotland fans.

There is a legitimate safety-related question to be asked about how someone was allowed on to the pitch and so close to Lewandowski. And to be fair, one of the fan-quotes chosen by the Record raises that issue.

But come on. Does anyone with an ounce of intelligence seriously think that the publication of those photos by a national newspaper isn’t going to lead to that lad being tracked down, identified, and his name being disseminated? With the possibility of unfortunate consequences ensuing?

What was the Record thinking?

The mind boggles!

And as ever with much of the MSM, you have to wonder whatever happened to ‘wider context’. Record staff know full well that Scotland’s failure to qualify for Euro 2016 is down to inadequacies across the whole campaign. Questionable selections, not taking chances, individual mistakes, a horror show in Georgia etc all amount to a familiar tale of Scotland simply not being good enough over a lengthy series of matches. Despite what Gordon Strachan might be saying about “bad luck”.

Perhaps the Record views publishing the pictures as a ‘cheap laugh’ after a bad night for Scotland. I agree that it’s certainly cheap. But I doubt the young man will be laughing if he is identified.

Finally, whenever the subject of ‘cheap shots’ is being discussed, you can be sure that The S*n newspaper won’t be far away. Yesterday, Celtic tweeted good luck messages to individual players representing Scotland and Australia, as well as to the Scotland and Ireland teams.




But, oh dear! Picking up on some Twitter comments, The S*n chose to make an issue of Celtic offering good wishes to Ireland, who are of course in Scotland’s group.



Boohoo S*n! Boohoo!

The Ireland squad and management team is packed full of ex-Celts, and it can damn well wish them luck if it likes. Doing so does not equate to hoping Scotland get beaten and fail to qualify!

At least The S*n acknowledged Celtic’s good luck wish to Scotland, and even carried a tweet mentioning Celtic’s Irish roots. Which I am sure must have come as a complete surprise to it, given they have been kept secret since 1888.



But the S*n still got its cheap headline: “Hoops cause outrage by backing IRELAND”.

And I am sure that no one in Scotland could ever react badly to such a thing, could they?

Update: 5:45pm, 9 October 2015 [With a hat-tip to @carpetdust]

Lo and behold! The Daily Record has now changed its headline about the fan posing for a selfie with Lewandowski! The “did it cost our Euro 2016 dream?” question has now been replaced by “provoking angry backlash from Tartan Army”. 


So now it’s all about the Tartan Army being angry!

Sadly for the Record, we all saw the original headline. And indeed, evidence of it can still be found online…


And the Record’s sister paper is still carrying its version of the original headline.


Don’t you just LOVE social media?!


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