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Froggie Went A-Courtin’

 Good Evening (and please Vote ‘Clumpany’!).

The Clumpany chose the above title having been reminded of the song’s final line.

And also because amphibians don’t get enough of a look-in during the discussion of Scottish football…

The closing line of the song (which was incidentally covered by Bob Dylan in excruciatingly… errr… croaky fashion on his 1992 album ‘Good As I Been To You’), goes like this 

“If you want any more you can sing it yourself”.

That line sprang to mind when I read this Tweet from Mr Jack.

Ah yes. Leaving the rumours to others.

Anyone with a pulse – and probably a fair few others that aren’t quite so blessed – are aware of stories circulating about the degree to which the Sevco war chest may be running low on warchestiness, and the impact that might have on Sevco and indeed the Scottish game as a whole.

But apprently if you want to know the truth of those sort of rumours you may need to find out for yourself. They are not Evening Shark-Jump matters.

The ‘rumours’ point is of course utter hogwash. There may be a lot of chat in the ‘ether’, but there are more than enough solid reasons for a media outlet worth its salt to be asking the Sevco board about its financial prospects, and about its progress in ‘rebuilding’ the ‘club’.

And that point applies to all media outlets. Just because this blog was triggered by someone from the ESJ doesn’t mean that the Record, BBC, STV and all manner of other news organisations should be shying away from asking questions of Sevco. 

Mr King himself has suggested that additional finance will be required to see out the season. Add to that the potential disruption of numerous court cases, and the outstanding Sports Direct loan, and you’d think there were obvious substantial grounds for asking the ‘world’s most successful’ three-year-old club to reassure its fans – in detailed terms – that it can survive the season and beyond.

And given how often we are told that the Scottish game needs a ‘strong Rangers*’-flavoured entity, you might think that there would be a [*gasp*] public interest in asking some searching questions of Sevco.

After all, we wouldn’t want to experience Armageddon all over again, would we?

There are of course a whole series of other questions which could be asked of the King regime, which have a bearing on the future of ‘club’, holding company, and indeed civilisation as a whole. Such as progress in renegotiating the relationship with Sports Direct. 

Sevco would doubtless knock back that question on the grounds of the injunction and interdict obtained by Sports Direct. But that doesn’t preclude a journalist from working sources to get a sense of what is going on.

Then there is the actual progress in securing a listing for RIFC shares, and launching a new share offer. That might make an interesting story, if pursued. 

And the back pages might even benefit from some detailed assessment of quite how The Warbmeister’s squad is going to be developed in the way suggested by Mr King so that it can challenge for the Premiership title next season, should it secure promotion. You know the kind of thing: actual details of how a scouting network is being put in place, and how much money there will be to spend.

These are all worthwhile matters to investigate. Both for fans of the ‘club’ and everyone with an interest in the Scottish game.

“Leaving the rumours to others” isn’t really good enough.


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