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How’s Tricks, Mr Custard?

Good Evening (and please vote ‘Clumpany!).

The Clumpany’s attention is drawn to all sorts of information during the course of its entirely disinterested and light-touch consideration of the ‘Journey’ being undertaken by Sevco FC as it strives to get to the top tier of Scottish football while pretending it is Rangers FC with world record-breaking gusto!

And today I was delighted to read a strong indication that all is well in Sevconia!

Specifically, that one of the fans’ groups is apparently offering to help People contribute towards the buying of more RIFC shares.

“After all you have been through in the past year”.

Now there’s a phrase!

I assume that that statement doesn’t refer to the seven months of the past year when the glorious King Revolution has been holding court at Sevco?

It can’t possibly be doing that.

Because everything is now war chest-tastic in Sevconia!

And even though there has been a new club installed at Ibrox since early 2012, there is absolutely no possibility that clicking on that ‘Buy Now’ button will tilt the world on its axis and cause the lights to flicker at Mr Custard’s house.

History can’t ever repeat itself. Can it?


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