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A (Liver)Pool of Pish

“Jurgen Klopp hasn’t got one of these”

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Oh the joy of a completely unashamed bit of Sevco-related fantasy!

We have all been hyperventilating with laughter at the news that The Warbmeister has been ‘linked’ with the vacant j̶a̶n̶i̶t̶o̶r̶’̶s̶ manager’s position at Liverpool FC. A club with five European Cups to its name but which doesn’t feel the need to put five stars on its shirt.

Yesterday, Sky Sports reported that odds of 20/1 were being offered on the former City Trader trading cities and becoming British football’s most unlikely managerial appointment since an inexperienced ex-Brentford manager with not a trophy to his name became manager of the world’s most successful three-year old club.

Oh wait…

Even the Daily Record couldn’t take it seriously!

Bonkers bookies make Rangers manager Mark Warburton 20/1 to become the next Liverpool boss

As the Record explained, it was “highly likely Warburton joined the market after some deluded punter asked for a price.”

The Clumpany would love to know whether or not that ‘punter’ worked in the PR industry. However, I suspect we will never find out…

Needless to say, the ‘story’ prompted members of the Scottish press pack to ask Warbs how he felt about the suggested ‘link’.

Warburton – who today collected his 400th Scottish Championship ‘Manager of the Month’ award despite only having been at Sevco since June – responded in a commendably measured way:

“It’s always flattering to anyone to be linked to a job, especially a club of Liverpool’s size, but we’re at a big club here as well and we have a job of work to do and we are very committed to Rangers*”

“We are focused here, we know what we have to do. The targets for the year are very clear. We are a quarter of the way through and so far, so good.”

So that’s that then. A pish ‘story’ mocked by the Record and batted away respectfully by The Warbmeister.

End of blog.

Well not quite…

Because the Evening Shark-Jump also carried Warbo’s remarks (via the Press Association), and the ‘link’ with Liverpool was presented in a somewhat different way…

This is the piece in question:

Mark Warburton rejects suggestions Rangers were favoured against Falkirk

And it included the following:

“Warburton was speaking after collecting the Championship manager of the month award after leading Rangers to nine consecutive league wins, a run which led to him being listed as a 20/1 shot to be named the next Liverpool manager with one bookmaker.”

So it was the run of nine consecutive league wins [punctuated by THAT League Cup defeat to St Johnstone which must never be mentioned] which made Warbo a potential contender?

Not a bookie offering odds simply because they were asked to?

Right you are!


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