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The ‘Evening Shark-Jump’ Guide To Level5 PR


“Woohoo! Suddenly it all becomes clear!”
Good Evening.

Regular readers will know that The Clumpany occasionally finds reason to have a chuckle at Glasgow’s premier shark-jumping newspaper. 

But fair play to the Evening Times. The prospect of The ‘Exclusive’ That All The Bampots Want To Read may now be on the cards!

And that is truly amazing!

Earlier this afternoon I saw this Tweet from Chris Jack. It noted someone’s fascination with Level5 PR and suggested that the person concerned doesn’t have “a clue”.



Mr Jack is – of course – the man who confidently assured us that “The Rangers* men have won”.


Consequently, I can only assume that he is on-the-ball in a manner that only an all-conquering Warbmeister football team could ever hope to match!

Therefore, I look forward to him quickly providing a no-holds-barred account of how Level5 PR interacts with the Scottish sports media. He certainly seems to have some experience to draw upon…

 Given that Level5’s Twitter and Instagram accounts appear to heavily-feature Sevco-related matters, I have to conclude that the Evening Shark-Jump’s now-imminent revelations about Level5 PR will appeal to fans of the Ibrox club as well as the rest of us!

So there really is no excuse for not providing them.

This is going to be a real crowd-pleaser!

Over to you, Chris! This is your moment!