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In Search Of Clarity

Good Evening.

In view of his comments today calling for M. Platini to “provide ‘essential’ clarity”, presumably Mr Regan is hoping that the President of UEFA will remain in an unimpeachable position to pursue a number of issues which go to the heart of the way our game in Scotland is governed?

Issues which are described in the below reblogged Clumpany offering from August.

Unless of course Mr Regan was simply grandstanding and playing the integrity-oriented ‘guardians of the global game’ card which is so fervently clung to by the national associations of the Home Nations…


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The Clumpany

Michel Platini was delighted to listen to his CD of Neil Doncaster media interviews. Michel Platini was delighted to listen to aCD of Neil Doncaster’s media interviews. Good Evening.

For The Clumpany’s 150th blog [*insert wild applause/ vitriolic abuse here*], I thought I would take a look back.

The Clumpany was prompted to do this after spottingthis old CQN piecewhich was tweeted by the always-interesting @auldheid.

The article was tweeted following the news that the SFA has backed Michel Platini to become the next President of FIFA.

The CQN piece from 12 March 2012 was written during the calamitous final meltdown of Rangers FC, whichhad been put into administration in February, and which would only finally ’emerge’ in June, in the back of the hearse marked ‘liquidation’.

The piece pondered the ongoing“crisis”, suggested that the SFA was “overwhelmed” and that Scottish football needed “the oversight only Uefa can provide and its president promised in his Christmas message”.

Platini’s Christmas message…

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