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A Warbo Wibble


That looks like a Magic Hat to me… [BTW is that Sevco’s ‘cash burn’ in the background?]
Good Afternoon.

Oh dear.

It seems that as well as struggling to accept defeat, the Warbmeister has a sense of entitlement.

Entitlement to ‘respect’. Which makes his recruitment to the Sevconian ranks all the more baffling, doesn’t it? đŸ˜‰

As the BBC reports:

Rangers* felt disrespected after Cup exit – Mark Warburton

Heaven knows how Dignityville can possibly cope with this blow so soon after David Weir’s reputation experienced besmirchment. But I am sure they will struggle on. A bulging war chest soothes most footballing ailments.

It seems that despite the world of football being notoriously focused on the short-term, Comrade Warb (‘The World’s Greatest Manager’) has not noticed this.

His post-match comments following the 4-0 win over Morton today are as incredible as they are arrogant. Let’s take a wee look…

[Regarding the media’s reaction to last week’s 1-3 defeat to St Johnstone]: “As a team we deserved a little bit more respect than that”.

“The boys were hungry, they felt disappointed after Tuesday. No-one wants to lose a game of football but also some of the comments were disrespectful to how they played for the first 11 games. They played 11, won 11.”

If His Needy Warbliness (HNW) had won lots of silverware in any form of football, there might be some sort of basis for his comments. But he hasn’t.

And even if he had previously conquered all before him, in The Clumpany’s experience anyone who says they deserve respect is – by definition – absolutely not entitled to it.

Respect should be earned, and never assumed or appropriated.

And who in their right mind actually believes that the media (even in Scotland) should show either them or their employer ‘respect’? This isn’t North Korea.

It is a very striking point of view for HNW to express, and you have to wonder if he would have said similar if Brentford had won their first 11 games last season and then got pumped by a Premier League team in the 12th.

We will never know.

The cold hard facts which HNW should face are that he won 11 games in a row against second tier-or-lower opposition, and then convincingly lost against a higher-league team.

The ultimate status and earned respect of both him and his team have yet to be determined. Because it’s ‘early days’.

If he is getting rattled about the softball questions of the Scottish media regard his own comments when managing a Championship side, then he could be in for a real shock should he ever find his team playing for something truly significant in Scotland. Or… errrrr… Europe…

If only I was ‘obsessed’, I might keep an eye on future Warbly developments, which promise to be entertaining.

Oh wait…