The ‘Daily Record’ Guide To Phantoms


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As The Clumpany reported earlier today, the Daily Record has unexpectedly ventured into spectral matters with its ‘unique’ view on the tax affairs of the late Rangers Football Club.

Not Having A Scooby

Clumpany sources have informed me that following the unexpected success of their offbeat initiative, the Record is in the process of cashing in and producing a pull-out-and-keep “Guide to Phantoms”.

And the Clumpany has been passed a short extract, which I am reproducing below for the benefit of interested Clumpaneers…

It looks like it will be a highly informative publication.

The Daily Record Guide To Phantoms:

a) The ‘Phantom’ Comic Book


b) The Phantom Flan-Flinger


c) The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town


d) The ‘Phantom’ Rolls Royce


e) The Phantom of the Opera


f) The ‘Phantom’ Jet Fighter


g) The Phantom Tax Bill

riprfc (1)

Oh dear.

Apparently there will be some further editing before the Record publishes the guide…


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