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Woohoo! We’re Out!


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The Clumpany was due to go on an adventure exploring the Amazon Rainforest. It was going to be brilliant. Getting away from it all, seeing some truly awe-inspiring sights, meeting new people from cultures far removed from those of Scotland, the UK and Europe.

I had saved up for it for several years, bought lots of equipment, booked the flights, and paid for someone to look after Clumpany Towers in my absence.

But now I am not going.

Somehow, despite the importance of the trip, I managed to lose my equipment, passport and tickets. I am now stony broke and with nowhere to go.

You would think that I might feel utterly deflated. With everything lost, it should feel like my ambitions have suffered a gut-wrenching defeat.

But no. Because this is Scotland! And apparently being defeated and having your adventure end prematurely is a Good Thing!

If you don’t believe me ask Sevco, who are apparently quite relaxed about having been dumped out of the League Cup!

Defeat Could Be A Good Thing


The above piece quotes David ‘Besmirched Reputation’ Weir as saying the following about The Warbmeister XI being pumped by St Johnstone on Tuesday:

“We can do some aspects better, but on the whole, it was a disappointing result. Looking forward though in the big picture, it could be a good thing for us.”

Yes folks, it seems that losing is the new winning. ‘Concentrating on the league’ has long been one of football’s most ludicrous cliches, and it remains jaw-dropping for an experienced ‘football man’ talk about a Cup exit being something of a blessing.

Especially as the Sevco captain had previously spoken of wanting to win a Cup for the fans!

Even Sevco (at some mystical level) is a football ‘club’, and exists to…errr…try and win games and trophies.

We all know that its fans like to gloat about the trophies which the fake ‘World’s Most Successful Club’ ‘bought’ from the Rangers Fire Sale.

So to hear ‘club legend’ (sic)  David Weir talking about Tuesday’s defeat to St Johnstone being a positive is quite remarkable!

I have absolutely no doubt that reaching a League Cup final would have been an amazing experience for Sevco and its fans. Lord knows they were excited enough to get to the final of the Ramsdens Cup in 2014.

Fans and ‘clubs’ want to win things. They want to be able to celebrate (and of course mock those who they beat en route).

To pretend otherwise is utterly disingenuous.

They are fooling nobody.

Not even themselves, I bet.


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