Sevco 1-3 Random Luck


Surely ‘Send the fans home disappointed well before the end of the game’?
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Football managers are prone to say silly things after a defeat. And it is hard to blame them. Emotions can be running high, and if someone is shoving a microphone in your face demanding that you “say something”, then the chances are that the words which spill out won’t be your finest.

And so it was with The Warbmeister, whose awesome side crashed to an unthinkable 1-3 home defeat to a well-organised and clinical St Johnstone team in the League Cup last night.

To be fair to the press pack, they did manage to confront Warbs with his pre-match comments about there not being a gulf between teams in the top two tiers of the Scottish game.

As the Record reported:

Mark Warburton watches Rangers crash to St Johnstone but insists: We lacked luck.. there is no gulf in class

“WARBURTON said his side’s League Cup defeat to the Perth Saints was down to simple mistakes – not a gulf in class between his side and the Premiership side.

He said: ‘I don’t think see that (gulf in quality). We made mistakes tonight and we were punished – simple as that.

‘We’ve made mistakes before and we got away with it. We could have been three down at half-time as they missed a clear chance.’

‘But we had a lot of ball. A little bit more quality, a bit more random luck going our way, football is all about the random elements of the game. Those didn’t go our way'”.

You have to laugh. The Warbmeister (who was gracious towards Saints after the match) says there isn’t a gulf in class and then proceeds to provide an illustration of why there is a gulf in class!

St Johnstone were better organised and much more clinical than Sevco. As you would usually expect when seeing a Premiership team playing a lower league side.

It’s a familiar tale. Dundee United and Celtic have both turned Sevco over in cups by being better organised and more clinical than them. 

You could certainly see that Sevco are a better side than last season, and they have some very decent players with a nice touch on the ball. You could also see why they have ripped apart some Championship teams and are favourites for promotion.

But – on last night’s showing – there isn’t yet an awful lot of substance to them, and St Johnstone were good value for the win by simply playing like a reasonable Premiership side.

As for Warbo’s comments about what might have been if “a bit more random luck” had gone their way… That’s one of the more empty excuses in a manager’s playbook.

With a bit more ‘random luck’ The Clumpany would be the highly-remunerated Chief Taster of Buckfast Tonic Wine. 

But I am not that person.

On account of not having grafted hard enough to pass my Buckie exams (I am great at the practical tests and hopeless at the theory ones…).

You reap what you sow. And last night Sevco’s investment in players and deployment of tactics simply wasn’t a match for St Johnstone’s.

It’s that simple Mark.


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