Moving On To Solids


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You can’t keep Richard Gough out of the Sevco spotlight for very long.

The man who apparently changed his name by deed poll to ‘Legendary 9-in-a-row captain Richard Gough’ popped up today in this Sevco statement:

Gough Is Global Ambassador

Which tells us that

“A firm favourite with supporters around the world, Richard – who is based in America – will represent Rangers in an official capacity going forward with a specific focus on increasing the club’s profile overseas.”

He will promote the club in a variety of ways in his role as Global Ambassador and can act as a conduit between the club and NARSA”.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Richard Gough in question is the one who famously stated the blindingly obvious in 2012:

“The club I gave blood, sweat and tears for is dead”.

“I’m still numb by the news 140 years of history has been wiped out in one fell swoop”.

It’s definitely not a different Richard Gough.

Given his role in fronting last season’s ‘season ticket trust fund’ with Dave King, The Clumpany briefly wondered whether Gough’s role as a ‘Global Ambassador’ would be to travel the world telling people not to buy season tickets.

But that would be a very cynical point of view to adopt.

And The Clumpany doesn’t do cycism…

Like so may announcements, today’s could well have been written by Sevco’s PR operation, with none of the quotes actually having been uttered by Comrade Gough-aw.

But that doesn’t make them any less funny.

You would have been wise to have your Sevco Cliche Bingo Cards to hand before reading the statement, as it contains some old favourites.

That reference to a “143-year old institution” never fails to amuse, betraying as it does a searing insecurity about the death of Rangers and the newness of its tribute act.

And then we get the ‘traditional’ Really Real Rangersness guff, which always fails to make the rest of the world fearful of the Dignity and Staunchness being put on display…

Fair play to Gough though, he does at least manage to say it in a different and rewarding way:

“At the helm we now have good, solid Rangers men with the club’s best interests at heart”.

I suppose that you can only applaud Sevco for finally doing what most 3 year-olds have long-since mastered: moving on to solids.

Hopefully for Sevco fans these solid chaps can put into effect Dave King’s plan to make their ‘club’ a solid number two in due course.

And preferably in the Premiership rather than the toilet.


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