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When The Game Is Up…

A disappointed customer discovers that even Sports Direct don’t sell a version of FIFA16 that includes Sevco…

Good Evening.

Another day, another round of angst for the Sevconian fraternity.

The current reason for civilisation teetering on the brink of collapse is because FIFA16  is set not include a ‘Rangers’-named entity.

The Clumpany does not know what a ‘FIFA16’ actually is, but I assume it is a game of some sort – perhaps like draughts, but more expensive and requiring a lot of batteries.

The impending absence of ‘Rangers’ from FIFA16 has of course prompted howls of… well, just howls really.

There is a boycott.

There is a petition.

No, really. There is a petition.

Raging Rangers fans launch petition to get their club featured in video game FIFA 16

Look! Here it is…


And there are also hilarious entitlement-laden comments being made:

John Allan of Edinburgh said: “I am signing this because I am outraged the world’s most successful team has been overlooked.” [Quote from the above Daily Record article]

Scotland’s newest ‘club’ has appeared in previous editions of ‘FIFA’ in a special ‘waifs and strays’ section called “Rest of the World” which has included “Greek side Olympiakos and teams from other nations where EA Sports don’t have the license.”

So what has happened to bring about this calamitous turn of events?

Do EA Sports not believe in Dave King’s Warbolution? Do they think it already has quite enough publicity without their assistance?

It seems that the truth of the matter is somewhat more ‘straightforward’.

According to STV, Sevco’s absence is due to a licensing disagreement:

“A spokesman for EA Sports said the Ibrox side were not included in the latest addition of the game after they ‘did not reach a licensing agreement’.

He said: ‘We can confirm that we did not reach a licensing agreement with Rangers* and they are not in FIFA 16’.”

This news seems to bear out the gist of some information posted online this afternoon, which suggested that Sevco had not been included owing to licensing issues. 

Hat-tip to @RosskoC

It seems a little odd that Sevco didn’t manage to reach an agreement when so many others did. But ‘clubs’ are clearly free to make their own commercial decisions. Aren’t they? So good luck to Sevco!

Whatever the specific reason for the lack of agreement, hopefully it is not too late to rectify the situaton and bring a smile to 500 million troubled Sevconian faces.

After all, I am sure we can all agree that FIFA16 will benefit from some affected Staunchness.

But if not, I hear that there are competing plans to bring football gaming relief to the anguished masses.

The legendary Wee Stevie From IT has apparently channelled the spirit of the late Charles Babbage and constructed this state-of-the-art computised games machine for People to try.

Apparently penalty shootouts are particularly difficult to play…

And His Big Mikeness is also standing by to sell Sevconians an alternative hi-tech football gaming opportunity.

It is – quite literally – the ultimate ‘hands on’ footballing experience for the thrill-seeking Sevconian…

NB Actual product may contain extensive Sports Direct branding


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