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The Vampire

Scottish Football needs a strong agent of 'slow lingering death'
Scottish Football needs a strong agent of ‘slow lingering death’

Good Morning.

The Clumpany has become aware of a terrible spectre abroad in Scottish football. A spectre that hopes to strike fear into people, but which always ends up causing hilarity.

I am sure you’ve seen it in plain sight. And heard about it everywhere you go. You can hardly miss it. It is in the papers and on the TV and radio every day.

It is the Sevco Vampire!

Biting the necks of others and seeking to draw sustenance from the successes of others.

Its first attack was on the  corpse of the late Rangers Football Club, where it laid claim to its ‘history’ and trophies, but left the unpalatable debts behind to rot away. Clearing up the mess was someone else’s problem, but the tasty ‘success’ now ‘belonged’ to the vampire.

The media are big fans of the vampire, and have done their best to sustain it. For example, feeding it a constant diet of comparisons with Celtic,  and ‘Old Firm’ chat. It may have only played Celtic once, and may be in a different league to Celtic in footballing and financial terms, but the vampire thrives on being associated with the success of others.

Its latest victim is Aberdeen Football Club. As we all know, Aberdeen have been resurgent in the past couple of seasons: winning the League Cup, finishing second in the Premiership, and currently leading the league by 5 points after a perfect start to the season.

Theirs is an upbeat story, and they look set to provide Celtic with a very stern test this season. And their success is all their own. They have grafted for it, and sought to live within their means.

Good luck to them, I say! [But not too much!]

But guess what?

The Sevco vampire can’t stand idly by and watch this developing success unfold.

No. It must FEAST!

And so it has made a move. In the unlikely form of Barry Ferguson ‘writing’ in the Daily Record today.

Barry Ferguson: Derek McInnes isn’t just turning Aberdeen into title contenders.. he’s turning them into RANGERS

Yes, it’s pretty remarkable isn’t it? Aberdeen’s current success is about ‘Rangers’…

Away you go Barry…

“It takes a certain mentality to create a successful football team and the more I see of Aberdeen these days the more I’m reminded of the lessons I learned as a kid at Ibrox – when Del and the rest of them were making history by winning nine in a row.”

“More than anything else, growing up in that environment taught me how to be a winner. It was part of the club’s culture. It was the be all and end all of being at Rangers at that time.”

“At Rangers we were raised knowing we had to win every training match we played, never mind on Saturdays. Win, win, win. It was the Rangers way. But that’s not been the mind set inside the home dressing room at Aberdeen since the days when Sir Alex Ferguson was just known as Fergie.”

“So, yes, I do believe that Derek has taken a bit of Rangers up to the north east. This is a guy who played in the team that won nine in a row.”

“It’s that desperation to win that separates good teams from champions. And, for the first time, I’m starting to identify it in Aberdeen under McInnes.”

Of course Barry neglects to mention that although the ‘ Rangers way’ may have been “win, win, win”, it was also “financial doping, rule breaking and death”. An approach which Aberdeen are not touching with a bargepole.

Barry also fails to mention that ‘Del’ only made around 50 appearances for Rangers over a period of five years. That’s not exactly ‘steeped in winning Rangersness’ is it Barry?

But no matter. Barry has fed the Sevco vampire by grabbing some of Aberdeen’s success.

Perhaps next week he will feed the Sevco vampire with some of the success he has brought to Blackpool and Clyde in his managerial career?

Oh wait…


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