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Harry Redknapp’s Rangers* Rover

Good Morning.

I don’t know about you, but I had almost forgotten quite what a genius The Warbmeister is, and what an astonishing achievement it is to play decent attractive football and win games in the second tier of Scottish football.

I mean, the media hardly ever mentions it.

Fortunately for forgetful souls such as The Clumpany, Matthew Lindsay of the Herald was on hand this morning to provide a full-blown reminder, in a piece so gushing that the ‘flood alert’ alarm was triggered in Clumpany Towers, and the life rafts were inflated.

Mr Lindsay had pulled off the amazing coup of getting the views of long-time-manager-without-winning-much, Harry Redknapp!

Quite how he managed this is a mystery as Matthew doesn’t say when or where he spoke to him. Normally you would expect a reference to “Speaking at x, Harry took time out to weep uncontrollably at the majesty of Warburton’s achievements at Ibrox”.

But not today.

However, I am sure we can rule out the feelgood material having being provided by the Sevco PR operation.

Here is a link to the piece in question, which is worth a read.

Harry Redknapp unsurprised that rookie boss Mark Warburton has been Brentford’s loss and Rangers’ gain

Before he even gets to Harry’s comments, Matthew is piling on the hyperbole:

“The breathtaking opening”

“taken even those who appointed him aback”

“the best start ever made by a new manager at Ibrox – beating the previous best of eight triumphs set by the legendary Bill Struth way back in 1920.” [There’s that entirely fictitious ‘record’ again!]

“swept all before them playing an attractive and exciting brand of attacking football”

It’s impressive stuff, isn’t it?!

But on to Harry Redknapp, who Matthew tells us had “Very quickly, identified the 52-year-old [Warbo] as one of the more innovative and promising coaching talents emerging south of the border”.

Harry has a number of things to say about Warbs, in his inimitable forensic ‘Arry style:

“Mark’s a good lad and a fantastic acquisition for Rangers,” said Redknapp. “He was a massive loss to Brentford. How they could let him go after he did such a good job there, I’ll never know.”

“It was amazing to say they were going to sack him during the season, or that he was leaving, really. Brentford were going for promotion at the time and it was incredible. I had met him a few times. Once he went to Rangers, I knew it was going to be good days for them.”

“When Mark was putting the NextGen thing together, he was quite friendly with Tim Sherwood and came down to Tottenham when I was the manager there”.

“I didn’t know him, but he was right pally with Tim and he had good ideas about the under-19s. We had a meeting at that time and I was quite struck with him then.”

You had a meeting with him? And he was ‘right pally’ with Tim Sherwood? Well that’s me convinced, Harry!

And then we come to the liquidation-denying section of the piece, and a series of assertions which ignore all financial context and which are sure to have Sevconians punching the air with misguided delight:

“Let’s be honest, Mark has gone to one of the biggest clubs in the world. He’s not exactly walked into a small club, it’s one of the great clubs in world football. But he’s taken big Davie Weir with him and he was a top, top player as well and knows Rangers so that will help him.”

“It’s very different for him, but to walk into Ibrox stadium is big and when he is manager at an Old Firm game, well that’s going to be something unlike anything he’s never experienced before.”

“It’s enjoyable pressure managing a club like Rangers.The training facilities, for example, would be at another level from Brentford to Murray Park. It’s another level of club. They are not on the same planet.”

So there we have it folks! Warbo is a genius, Sevco is one of the greatest clubs in the world, and the future is bright in Sevconia!


The piece was so hilariously upbeat that I almost expected Mr Lindsay to conclude it with something like the following:

“It is a mark of the degree to which Redknapp reveres Warburton that he offered his praise through the window of the very Range Rover from which he gave interviews on Transfer Deadline Day.”
“‘It’s the least I could do for the lad’, said Redknapp. ‘Triffic fella'”.

Cheers Harry!