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The ‘Reverse Clump’

It took me ages to glue the chair to the ceiling of Clumpany Towers…

Good Evening.

The Daily Record – in an outbreak of innovative journalism – has tried to execute what can only be described (by this self-absorbed attempt at a ‘blog’) as a ‘Reverse Clump’.

It may sound like a particularly eye-watering part of an Olympic gymnastics routine, but the ‘Reverse Clump’ is actually altogether less exciting.

Yes folks, a newspaper has been scanning Twitter and taking the p*ss out of what it finds. Rather than other way round – which is of course the core business of this blog!

And what hilarious material the Record has uncovered! What great analysis it offers!

It’s a conspiracy! Celtic fans fume as Aberdeen are given another penalty

Wherein the wisely-anonymous writer tells us that

“CELTIC fans have taken to Twitter to declare a conspiracy after Aberdeen moved five points ahead of the Hoops at the top of the Premiership.

Some Celts supporters were seething the Dons were awarded a penalty to win 1-0 against Hamilton at Pittodrie last night.

They won one at the weekend in their 2-1 victory over Celtic and some of their fans reckon it’s an SFA plot to stop the Glasgow team from winning their fifth title on the bounce.”

The ‘story’ is illustrated with four tweets which are – with respect to their authors – pretty standard Twitter fayre. The kind of thing you will see from fans of all clubs at some point during the season.

And only one of the Tweets actually mentions efforts being made to prevent Celtic from winning the league.

Still, at least the Record got to fill some space on its website, and to have a bit of a laugh at Celtic fans’ expense.

I hope they enjoyed it. There is no harm done.

However, it is rather amusing to see the Record picking up on ‘conspiracy theories’ when it continues to ignore a list of all-too-familiar substantive issues relating to the governance of our game which most certainly aren’t in the realms of fantasy.

And which are crying out for investigation.

Perhaps it is just a question of priorities at Record Towers?