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Ah Go On, Mark!

This cup of tea will not be served by Charles Green
This cup of tea will not be served by Charles Green

Good Morning.

Fair play to the Daily Record, which today treated us to one of the best Sevco headlines in quite some time:

Mark Warburton rules out January signing spree for fear of spoiling the Rangers squad unity

This conjured up an image of a reluctant Warbs being hounded by Dave King to spend big money on better players, in the manner of Father Ted’s Mrs Doyle ‘offering’ people a cup of tea…

Mrs. Doyle says ‘go on’ for 5 minutes

After all, King does seem keen to strengthen the squad in January in order to challenge for the Premiership title next season:

“What I’ve indicated to Mark [Warburton] over the last couple of days is that we can do business in the January transfer window.

“Hopefully that business should not be necessary to win the league this year but it should be done with a mind to challenging next year for Scottish Premiership title.

“Do I think what we have at the moment would compete for the Premiership title? No. I would say we need another five additions to the existing squad – a minimum of five – before we can compete.”

So what is a Warbmiester to do? Well, according to the Record he

“vowed not to go overboard in the January transfer window for fear of poisoning the Rangers dressing room. The Ibrox boss welcomed owner Dave King’s promise to back him in the January transfer window, with the prime focus on building a squad ready to compete in the Premiership next season.

But Warburton warned he won’t splash King’s cash too much in the New Year window because there are dangers of damaging team spirit by flooding the dressing room with too many new faces half way through a campaign.”

So you aren’t too bothered if you are given the chance to buy Messi, Ronaldo and a host of other stellar talents, Mark? It is more important to keep the spirit in the dressing room?Right you are.

The Clumpany must admit that I actually guffawed when I read the line about “not splashing King’s cash too much”.

Seeing King’s cash in the first place might be a more reasonable aim, given that the previous talk of ‘over-investment’ has so far seemingly failed to translate into actual significant investment by the proud owner of 35,000 bottles of wine.

And why the focus on King? Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to speak of splashing the cash of the ‘Three Bears’, Sports Direct or those shrewd ‘co-investing’ fans? All of whom have – through loans or buying season tickets – put far more into Sevco Enterprises than King?

It’s almost as if the Record is in awe of Dave King and his epic Real Rangersness…