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Dignified Assertions

Dignified arm-folding is also also part of the ‘Rangers* way’

Good Morning.

Ian Durrant was let loose to speak to the media yesterday to promote…. well you can look up what he was promoting yourself. It’s in many of the papers. Like so much other free Sevco advertising has been.

A range of articles have been produced on the back of Durrant’s musings, including this one

Ian Durrant: I’d love to see Ally McCoist given a hero’s welcome from supporters when he returns to Ibrox

Wherein the man who describes himself as Ally’s “best friend” stuns the world by describing the “unworkable” & “terrible circumstances” under which the latter-day Gnomemeister had to labour while being the highly-paid manager of two Ibrox clubs

Clubs whose turgid on-field performances experienced almost no meaningful scrutiny from an adoring media.

It’s heart-rending stuff isn’t it?

But the best article in the Durrantathon is this piece

Ian Durrant: Dave King’s plan to return to the Oldco will preserve Rangers’ history

Note that it is being referred to as a ‘plan’ despite King not actually articulating a plan, and despite even the Scottish media having already found insolvency experts who think King’s ‘Oldco’ musings would be extremely difficult to pull off!

The Record describes King’s ‘plan’ like this:

“King insists there is a legal mechanism in place which could unwind all the damage done since its collapse under Craig Whyte, taking the club ‘back to the traditional Rangers’.”

And Durrant is apparently right behind the King of the Sevconians:

“I think there’s a lot of history. I think Mr King believes in what happened previously in the club, the history of the club and I think he wants to preserve that.”

“If it makes the club go forward we’re all for it. But I think Mr King had lots of memories and I’m sure he’ll try to revive some of the things that happened.”

So according to Durrant, Mr King wants to preserve the history of the club, and revive some of the memories and “things that happened” by getting the ‘Oldco’ back….?

And yet Mr Durrant also has this to say…

“It will always be the same club. It’s Rangers Football Club.”

“Nothing was taken away from the club, they still maintained their same standards.”

“I think there’s a lot of mischievous things that go on but nothing in my eyes has changed. It’s still Glasgow Rangers.”

Now then Ian, if the current entity playing out of Ibrox is the ‘same Rangers’, why on earth does the ‘Oldco’ need rescuing from the liquidation process in order to ‘preserve history’?

The answer of course is that it is Rangers Football Club that is in liquidation, and Sevco is an entirely new club. But you don’t want to admit that. Just like all the other Sevconians who have engaged in circus-standard contortionism since Mr King’s hilarious ‘rescuing Oldco’ comments last week.

Mr Durrant doesn’t acknowledge the 276 creditors left high and dry by the ‘same club’ and yet which somehow “maintained the same standards” post-liquidation.

Although I will concede that the new club’s current tendency to operate on borrowed money does at least appear to be a continuation of the practices of the dead on… That’s continuity of sorts.

And speaking of ‘standards’, by far my favourite part of the Durrant articles were his comments on Ally’s recent severance agreement with Sevco:

“The discussion between Ally [McCoist] and Mr King was done in a matter of moments. You can see now from the people that are on board that it was done ‘the Rangers way’.”

“It was done very professionally and I’m just delighted for both parties. They’ve drawn a line in the sand now, let’s get on with the work.”

The ‘Rangers way’. Oh my sides! That tired old cliche which attempts to convey a sense of dignity, propriety and superiority.

From a club that apes a creditor-stiffing, rule-breaking one!

And which had an -ahem – ‘interesting’ recruitment policy for years.

You are fooling no one outside Sevconia, Mr Durrant.

And I loved the image of King and Ally sitting down to resolve the severance in ‘a matter of moments’. A mere six months after the King regime took charge…

Yes. I can see that it was dealt with quickly!

Finally, it wouldn’t be a proper MSM/Sevcofest if there wasn’t a great punchline. And Mr Durrant doesn’t let us down. Having discussed Ally’s departure, Ian offers us this little gem:

“Mr King has promised a lot of things and I’m sure he’ll come up with them.”