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The MSM Charm School

“Now remember Dear, you must always remember to carry a copy of Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s ‘Downfall’ with you”

Good Morning.

The Clumpany doesnt know what it is about the Editor of the – rather enjoyable – Scotzine website that seemingly causes him to get under the skin of the Scottish Sports Writer of the Year.

And doesn’t care all that much.

But it would seem that he does.

Last night on Twitter, Keith Jackson posted an image trailing today’s Daily Record piece about his continuing ban from Celtic Park. [Incidentally I don’t like media bans, but I will save discussion of that for another day].

Andy Muirhead challenged Keith about his piece:

What followed speaks for itself, and requires no further commentary…

 Charming eh?

Maybe Keith should pop to the pharmacy to get some ointment for his sensitive skin?

Or buy some sultanas. I hear they are always popular in Record Towers.