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Getting to the Point

Good Evening.

The Clumpany has refrained from blogging about Dave King’s various recent comments on

  • Ally McCoist
  • Scott Allan, Hibs and Celtic
  • The finances of Sevco
  • Challenging Celtic for the league title next season [nae luck Aberdeen];
  • Potential legal action in relation to the late Rangers Football Club; and
  • …errr… bringing ‘Oldco Rangers’ out of liquidation [thats ‘Dead Rangers’ to you and me].

The reasons for the pause are threefold:

  • Extensive drinking engagements
  • Others on Twitter and in the blogosphere have chewed up and spat out King’s comments whilst guffawing loudly in a manner that The Clumpany can only aspire to!; and
  • This is just a fly-by-night blog that really doesn’t have delusions of providing a definitive commentary!

But a short while ago it struck me that there was a single question that the MSM and fans of the Ibrox outfit should be asking of King.

Are you ready for it?


Here goes…

In capital letters…


No, really…

We have heard King’s various utterances about investment, about the ‘traditional Rangers’, and about hopefully challenging Celtic in the Premiership next season.

We have heard about how King and the board plan to go all ‘holistic’ in discussing that £5m loan and commercial relationship with Sports Direct.

And we have heard about an impending Nomad, and about the prospects for a listing of RIFC shares.

We have also seen the media offering King acres of coverages

Coverage which makes The Clumpany wonder if King et al have engaged the hottest PR professionals in the land…

Or have maybe stumbled across a media containing some stunningly supine journalists.

But whatever you may think about the ongoing saga at Ibrox, the lack of clarity from the man in charge – who fronted a protracted campaign with a hostile takeover to get there – is quite striking.

We hear observations here and there from Mr King. We hear aspirations. But we never hear or see an actual concrete plan. The kind of plan that might be called a ‘Business Plan’ in most public companies.

I am sure RIFC shareholders, the media, SPFL clubs and ‘casual observers’ would greatly benefit from knowing the plan.

Indeed, it may well shut a number of us up!

Yes, there are financial and legal challenges, but it surely can’t be beyond the Chairman of a public company to articulate its strategy for delivering shareholder value in the short, medium and long term.

Can it?

Come on Dave. Let’s hear the detailed plan.

I am fully prepared to be awestruck by it.


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