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Shedloads of Spin?

Ally has placed a watering can in the shelf space he had reserved for the Petrofac Cup

Good Morning.

Practitioners of the art of Clumping can have an absolute field day with this article from Matthew Lindsay which appeared in the Evening Shark-Jump and Herald today:

Former Rangers manager Ally McCoist set to reach agreement with major Ibrox shareholder Dave King

In which we are told that

“FORMER Rangers manager Ally McCoist is on the verge of reaching an amicable agreement with major Ibrox shareholder Dave King.”

He [King] is due to fly to Scotland for further talks within the next fortnight when the matter is finally expected to be concluded.”

Of course, the most straightforward interpretation of this piece is that Dave King is coming to the UK to resolve the long-running issue of McCoist being on well-paid gardening leave. And that an agreement is close at hand.

But where’s the ‘Clump’ in that?

You could instead wonder if this story is a piece of spin to remind the Ibrox faithful that their hardworking shiny ‘new’ regime is toiling torelessly to resolve all the issues it inherited.

Let’s be honest, ‘Chairman will arrive in two weeks to resolve a severance issue’ isn’t really news is it?

‘Chairman resolves severance issue’ WOULD perhaps be news. If and when it happens.

It remains somewhat curious that the Sevco board has not managed to reach agreement with the Gnomemeister, despite having been in charge for six months.

Six months when a ‘club’ that has largely been living on loans has been paying out a large monthly salary to a man whose services are no longer required.

Shouldn’t this have been sorted months ago? Before things reached the point where the bulk of the Gardening Leave wages had been paid out?

It is also curious that the Chairman of a public company apparently has to personally resolve the severance of an employee. Travelling all the way from South Africa to the UK.

What are the other board members and the Managing Director doing?

I find it hard to believe that McCoist refuses to deal with them, having attended the EGM at which the new regime was ‘swept into power’, and given that they are…errr… his employers.

And does Dave King not have access to a telephone or videoconferencing facilities wherein he could speak to McCoist from South Africa?

An extremely cynical person might wonder whether the new regime would like to put pressure on McCoist to come to an agreement. After all, an article in the newspapers about how agreement is ‘close’, and how Dave King is coming from South Africa to seal the deal, might just help to facilitate things.

But such an interpretation involves all sorts of assumptions about people’s motivations and the circumstances in which a story about the internal machinations of a ‘club’ makes its way into the hands of the media.

And it wouldn’t do to speculate wildly.

Let’s see how Dave King gets on reaching agreement with McCoist over wages to which King himself has said he is fully entitled and which now only have a few more months to run.

Some six months after King and his allies took charge…


Update: 9 September 2015, 2pm. Keith Jackson of the Daily Record has suggested that this possible movement on Ally’s severance from Sevco may be because he is interested in another (non-management) job… 

This doesn’t of course explain why Chairman King needs to be in the UK to conduct discussions. Or why the media is trailing it, even though it could be up to a fortnight away!