Clumps A Million

  [*The ‘Self-Indulgence’ alarm is going off in Clumpany Towers*]

Good Evening.

The Clumpany always enjoys a meaningless statistic. Sevconian ‘World Records’ are a particular case in point.

But on this occasion I wanted to comment upon a statistic of my own.

A short while ago this attempt at a blog notched up its one millionth ‘view’ since it started on April 19th this year. 

See, I am not telling lies…

It doesn’t count for anything, and I know lots of other sites get far more traffic, but I am quite chuffed with that figure. It suggests that at the very least some people are committed to coming back to see how much worse it can possibly get.

And I have always admired people of commitment. Especially those in the Scottish sports media. Because whatever you may think of some of them, they are at least very committed to what they do.

I started the blog as a wee experiment to try and expand the trademark Clumpany nonsense beyond the 140 characters of Twitter, which was beginning to feel rather ‘limiting’. 

Blog followed blog and it soon acquired a life of its own… Hell, it even got mentioned in the Guardian once…

No trivia has been too trivial to comment upon, and no reader’s patience has gone untested.

What started out as a bit of a free-for-all commenting upon various aspects of the Sevco saga has gradually morphed into a running commentary on the Scottish sports media and (in particular) its inability to 

  • give a straight account of what actually happened to the late Rangers Football Club
  • look under the bonnet of what is happening at Sevco; and
  • hold those running our game to account when appropriate.

It really can’t be that difficult to ask people awkward questions, can it?

But while the questions have remained unasked, I have remained inclined to point it out.

And while parts of the media have insisted on peddling barefaced lies about a liquidation that we all saw happen, I have remained determined to point and laugh.

It’s a tiny ‘contribution’ to a much wider effort, and I am sure no one in the media pays me the slightest bit of attention. Nevertheless – and unfortunately – I don’t see my stance on these matters being given cause to change any time soon.

As I reach this artificial ‘milestone’ of one million ‘views’ I just wanted to thank everyone for their encouragement.

I also wanted to share some of the feedback I have received. 


“Obsessed beyond belief”.

“Why don’t you concentrate on your own team?”.

“54 and counting”.


“You support Paedo FC. Your views count for nothing”.

“Boring, repetitive, and borderline plagiarism”.

“We know it’s you Ph-ill”.

“I heard you were arrested”.

“I heard you were Craig Whyte”.

“I know where you live”.

“I am coming for you”.

You have to admit that it’s pretty uplifting and rewarding stuff isn’t it? And the imagination on display is truly awe-inspiring!

But away from the cliches offered by a certain section of Sevconian fandom (and just occasionally from other clubs’ too), there have also been some kind comments. These have been very much appreciated.

I have enjoyed the blogs thus far, and I hope that most of you have too. I also hope that I have even managed to raise a chuckle on occasion – in a good way…

So many thanks to all concerned, especially certain members of the press pack who provide such rich source material day after day! You know who you are…

I dare say there will be more to come.

Much more.

#KeepOnClumping IMG_8008-20