In Pursuit Of An Apology

Good Evening.

The Clumpany’s hopes were briefly raised tonight when I stumbled across tweets by members of our esteemed MSM to Mr Stewart Regan of the SFA, wherein he was asked about offering an apology.

“Hurrah!” I exclaimed loudly!

And the joyful cry echoed around the cavernous corridors of Clumpany Towers for a good five minutes.

But sadly when I overcame my knee-jerk euphoria and read the tweets properly, I was greatly disappointed.

They were only asking Mr Regan if he had apologised to the Scotland players for the problems they experienced when flying back from last night’s Euro 2016 qualifier in Georgia.


How about pursuing Mr Regan for an apology and/or explanation over something of substance?

Like the way that predictions of ‘Armageddon’ and ‘slow lingering death’ in 2012 turned out to be the baseless fantasy that most of us always suspected them to be?

How about an apology for being party to a still-secret 5-Way Agreement which may or may not set out conditions that Sevco needed to meet, and which may or may not have been breached?

And while you are at it, why not ask Mr Regan to explain what the SFA is doing in response to the efforts of Celtic shareholders to find out how and why dead Rangers was given a licence to play in Europe in 2011-12?

I could go on, but the MSM already know the issues.

Ewan Murray concluded tonight’s exchanges by taking a broad swipe at the SFA… 

And Keith Jackson also took a more general pop last night… 

The question is whether the mountain of issues that are so obviously fundamental to the good governance of our game are more important to the business model of the media than the time that an aeroplane arrived on the tarmac of a Georgian airport.

What do you think?


UPDATE: 9:30am 6th September 2015:

The Clumpany notes with amusement that Gordon Waddell’s Sunday Mail column has continued the Jackson/ Murray ‘theme’ when commenting on Scotland’s dismal performance against Georgia.

Apparently Mr Regan and the rest of the SFA top brass had the seats with the most leg room on the flight back from Tblisi!

“There he was, along with il presidente and his cohorts, tradition dictating they took the best seats in the house, stretching out, while a bunch of 6ft 4in keepers and centre-backs were folded into the economy class seats in front of them like badly-packed camp beds.”

“When I asked about it later, I was told by another member of the SFA’s hierarchy – who to be fair was completely disapproving of the practice – that apparently the logic behind it is if there are only 12 seats with legroom, it will cause unrest amongst the players who don’t get them.”

Admittedly, Mr Waddell discusses this in a quite light-hearted way, maintaining a sense of perspective.

But still, you have to wonder if this really is the sort of issue on which the media should be wasting everyone’s time, when there are far bigger ones close at hand… 

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