‘Duel’ Contacts (Or ‘P*ss-Takes At Dawn’…)

Good Morning.
The historic tradition of settling scores by a duel was discussed on social media yesterday following this hilarious statement from the Self-Righteous Kingdom of Sevconia.

You may be familiar with the background, but just in case you aren’t, here are the key points…

Raith Rovers wrote to the SFA Compliance Officer about Ryan Hardie’s early return from Scotland U19 duty to play for Sevco today, while their own Craig Wighton remained in Bulgaria.

Raith were “concerned that if there is any breach of Article 82.1 and Rules 56 & 57, this would – in these circumstances – result in an unfairness in terms of players available for selection for Saturday’s match, which is to our disadvantage”.

Now, I can’t for the life of me think why anyone would ever want to query the rule-obeying credentials of an Ibrox club – especially in this Glorious Era of Real Rangers Men in the Blue Room.

But Raith have every right to ask the question if they have any doubts.

As it happens (and we haven’t yet heard from the Compliance Officer) it would seem that Raith haven’t got a leg to stand on.

Because the SFA apparently offered them the opportunity to have Wighton return home once permission had been granted to Hardie.

But in an hilarious turn, Sevco decided to throw their toys out of the pram and said that Raith’s “spurious claim could have besmirched the honour of assistant manager David Weir by making specific reference to him”.

Besmirched the honour!

Oh my! I don’t normally think of Ibrox clubs as living in the 18th Century, but I am prepared to go with it on this occasion for comedy purposes.

And the statement doesn’t stop there. It lays on the whining on with a trowel – which was presumably borrowed from their highly-paid gardener.

“The very thought that David Weir, who served his country with great distinction winning 69 caps, might have been trying to undermine an international side is preposterous.”

It is always particularly hysterical when an Ibrox Club seeks to play the ‘dignified behaviour’ card.

Because no one outside Sevconia could possibly take it seriously. 


But that doesn’t stop them from doing it.

No matter. Having read and re-read the statement, The Clumpany assumes that it refers to the same David Weir who famously walked away from Scotland during the Bertie Vogts era?

Just checking…

And as if their angst-written observations aren’t funny enough, Sevco have apparently written to the Raith chairman as they feel that “an apology to David is the very least Raith Rovers should be offering.”

The very least?

What more do they want? 

Raith to score a couple of own goals in the first minute of today’s game?

The heads of Raith’s board members on silver platters?

Pistols at dawn?

You have to admire the brass neck of the entity that claims to be the same ‘club’ as creditor-stiffing, rule-breaking Rangers raising the issue of ‘honour’ and demanding apologies.

As a fan of Scottish football I feel that the ‘same club’ has besmirched the honour of our game and country over and over again throughout its inglorious [*cough cough cough*] unbroken history.

So do excuse me if I join in the massed ranks of people across the United Kingdom and beyond who are pointing and laughing at this latest example of imagined superiority being played out in public.

I just hope that David Weir doesn’t bring his Glencairn Crystal to any duel organised to settle the matter. 

Dead Rangers gave it to him as a leaving present and it would be an awful shame if it got damaged, given that fans apparently paid for it after the liquidated ‘club’ failed to do so.
David Weir Leaving Gift Debt Now Paid

Besmirched Honour, eh?