An Apology Aboard HMS Sevco

imageGood Afternoon.

Every now and then The Clumpany gets the distinct impression that a lot of Sevco fans carry a particular image around in their heads.

A grand image that looks something like the famous scene aboard the USS Missouri at the end of the Second World War, where – in front of a large crowd – the Japanese humbly and formally surrendered.

Only in Sevconian minds the image is of all the ‘enemies’ of the ‘club’ being made to grovel and apologise for the way they mistreated it, victimised it, and subjected it to kangaroo court-style justice over recent years.

They feel that everything that has happened to the two Ibrox ‘clubs’ is ‘someone else’s fault’, that an apology is due, and that ONE DAY IT WILL COME.

It is of course a monsoon of pish.

Nonsense of the highest order.

For the only way you can arrive at such a warped perspective is if you really believe that a football ‘club’ exists in the ether and entirely separately from real-world decisions, transactions and responsibilities [apart from winning trophies, naturally!].

And is entirely independent of any actions undertaken by any person ever associated with it.

I call it ‘existing in the ether’ but you might also call it a ‘moral vacuum’.

It’s a truly crazy world-view that pays no heed to events or indeed any notion of rationality.

It may have escaped some People’s attention, but regardless of whether they think a ‘club’ exists in the ether, there is such a thing as a rulebook. [I will leave discussion of the law – and particularly how liquidation really does mean death – for another day].

And the rulebook is quite clear that the actions of a ‘club’ and the people associated with it are regulated.

So certain actions have consequences.

If you didn’t have that set-up in place, you wouldn’t have a sport, and you certainly wouldn’t ever have the hope of a level-playing field.

And so it was – for example – that the SFA’s Judicial Panel in 2012 found Rangers Football Club guilty of an offence just short of match fixing when it – as an employer – had not been paying taxes during the course of season 2011-12.

Yes those decisions over the payment of taxes were taken by individuals.

But they were officers of the ‘club’ and if they weren’t in post doing their job, no one at the ‘club’ would get recruited or paid.

There would simply be a void.

The Panel found that an offence had been committed – an offence which gave Rangers an advantage over competitors who had been paying taxes.

And imposed sanctions.

On the club.

In whose name the offences had been committed.

Which is entirely reasonable.

And on a wider note, when Rangers went to the wall, it was also entirely reasonable the new ‘club’ was required to apply for membership of the SFA and League.

There was no victimisation of the ‘club’.

The officers of the new club were required to follow some rules. Without which the game would be a free-for-all, with all sorts of entities coming and going into unstructured competitions without so much as a by-your-leave.

It really isn’t difficult to understand!

Of course, if we look beyond issues of how the governing bodies behaved towards Rangers and then Sevco, there is one factor which means that the fans will be waiting an awfully long time for an apology.

The calamity of liquidation which befell Rangers (with all its consequences) was entirely self-inflicted.

Various owners and officers of the ‘club’ -without whom there would have been no ‘club’ in the first place – took numerous decisions over the years which may have won trophies, but which resulted in Rangers running out of money and coming into conflict with the taxman.

Rangers thereby ended up breaking numerous rules and being told “enough is enough” by its creditors.

Its creditors.

The club’s creditors.

Not the creditors of Craig Whye.

The club’s creditors.

I hope that’s clear enough.

Finally, should they still feel the need to play the ‘victim card’, fans of Sevco might like to reflect upon the way the rules were bent to allow the new ‘club’ to obtain a hitherto-unknown ‘conditional membership’ of the SFA in 2012.

And how it was fast-tracked into the league ahead of other potential candidates.

They should consider themselves very fortunate that they have a ‘club’ to support in senior football at all.

In fact they should probably offer all concerned a massive vote of thanks.


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