Lies, Damned Lies and Stiffed Creditors 

Good Afternoon.

The Waro Bandwagon rolls on following yesterday’s 1-5 thumping of Queen of the South.

Of course, this wasn’t just another win for Sevco!

It never is.

This was a victory which allowed the grovelling tendencies of parts of the MSM to be let loose.

For this was the eighth straight competitive victory since the start of the Warbolution.

Which made it ‘historic’. 

As we all know, when the press starts talking about ‘history’ and the latest Ibrox club it is because they are plagued by a deep insecurity caused by the knowledge that their beloved first Ibrox club went the way of the Dodo.

But no matter.

For The Warbmeister is now apparently on a par with the loveable Bill Struth, who won his first 8 competitive matches in charge in 1920.

You can get the idea from this piece in the Record

Queen of the South 1 Rangers 5: Ibrox men continue their rampant start to the season as Warburton becomes a history-maker

“MARK WARBURTON might have some way to go to match Bill Struth’s achievements but at least he now stands alongside the legendary Rangers boss in the record books 

The Light Blues boss became only the second manager in Ibrox history to win his first eight games in charge of the club as his side continued their rampant start to the season”.

As you would expect, The Evening Shark-Jump got in on the act with its customary guffaw-inducing gusto.  

And the Daily Mail also ran a similar story although it did at least manage to refer to “‘The Journey’ up the leagues post-liquidation”.

Of course, Sky had made a start on the comparisons with Struth over a week ago. So once again the Scottish MSM isn’t even being original!

Sometimes you have to conclude that parts of the MSM are not only happy to operate in a moral vacuum, but also to actively cheerlead it!

So Mark Warburton has ’emulated’ the late Bill Struth, eh?

Having taken control of a ‘club’ formed from the dismembered body parts of one that died in disgrace having broken many rules and stiffed an army of creditors, The Warbmeister has won a string of games in the lower leagues against sometimes part-time opposition?

Well, I am impressed!

Just don’t tell the creditors of dead Rangers. They might feel that the media is laughing in their faces.

What do you mean you are a taxpayer and user of public services, and therefore effectively a stiffed creditor?

Me too!

Now I come to think of, it there must be quite a lot of us out there.

Surely the Scottish mainstream media wouldn’t want to openly mock us over ‘our’ loss, while also insulting our intelligence?

For that would be to show utter contempt.

Still, in an era of soaring circulation figures it would be no biggie if people stopped buying this drivel would it?

Oh wait…