The Never-Ending Shark-Jump

Good Morning.

There’s no denying it.

It was a bad night for Celtic in Malmo.

A shocker, in fact.

But we live to fight another day.

The media and others will rightly subject the club, players and manager to a lot of criticism.

And as I said last night, I hope they take it on the chin, learn from their mistakes and make damn sure that kind of performance doesn’t happen again.

It was an abject way to go out of the Champions League. But it isn’t the end of the world, and we should look forward to a regrouped Celtic taking their place in the Europa League.

But if there’s one thing you can guarantee with more certainly than a roller-coaster ride when following Celtic, it’s that someone in the media will manage to jump the shark in reacting to the club’s bad result.

And it has already happened.

I was tempted to invite you to guess who it was. But I am pretty certain that you have already done so….

Presumably taking a break from reading Animal Farm, Chris Jack posted this cheeky little number. 

As we all know, our Chris is employed to cover Sevco (or ‘Rangers’ as he prefers to call them) and – fair play – he does it with extraordinary gusto.

This means he doesn’t generally have much to say about Celtic.

Although he did take time out from reading 1984 to comment on their Scottish Cup semi-final defeat to ICT last season:

Sadly, a tweeted observation on Celtic – a team on the Evening Shark-Jump’s patch -winning the Premiership was not forthcoming.

Maybe the library had a poor mobile signal that afternoon?

But last night Chris was back on Celtic duties.

His “damaging night” comment, and the point about the need for the Champions League prestige are fair enough.

But “blow for the reputation of our game”?

OK, so it would have been good for Scottish football if Celtic had qualified for the Group stages. Just as it would have been good had Aberdeen, ICT and St Johnstone progressed in European this season.

And it is good to hear some acknowledgement from the Sevconian quarters of the media that the be-all and end-all of humanity’s existence ISN’T the success of the Warbolution at Ibrox.

However, it almost beggars belief for a journalist to talk about Celtic and the ‘reputation of our game’, having so ostentatiously cheered the ‘return’ of Directors who

  • were on the board of his first club when it accelerated towards and then fatally hit the wall, stiffing an army of creditors; and who include
  • a Chairman with a list of tax convictions to his name.

Chris will pick up his award for ‘Winning The Internet’ at a lavish ceremony hosted inside Dave King’s war chest
It’s amazing isn’t it?

That said, if Chris is now so concerned about the reputation of the game, he might like to look into some of the many issues which concern hundreds of thousands of fans.

And given that a lot of them involve the ‘club’ he writes about, they must surely be of interest?

I am sure they would be much more stimulating to work on than writing a de facto promotional piece for tonight’s Clydebank-Sevco game.

Wouldn’t they?

Remember to take your waterskis off when you get to the office, Chris!