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Good Evening.

The Clumpany’s attention was drawn to this Dundee Utd fan blog, which appeared on the Daily Record website today.

Record FC Dundee United: Celtic could win fifty in a row but it means nothing in the grand scheme of things

As I have said before, I quite enjoy these fan blogs. They give an interesting insight into what at least one fan(!) of another club is thinking about the world, they are often great knockabout fun, and of course they are a welcome break from the output of the Record’s own journalists! [Hello if you are looking in!]

The piece in question by Derek Keilloh argues that “we have a situation where the financial gap is so huge, than only one side can ever, or probably will ever, win the league. I don’t know how that can be in any way satisfying for Celtic fans, apart from anything else. It doesn’t mean anything. How can it?

You know what? Win ten in a row. Or twenty. Or fifty for all I care. No-one cares except you. It’s utterly irrelevant.”

I think the notion of a perennial mismatch between United and Celtic, does United a disservice. After all, a big chunk of Celtic’s domestic season hung on the outcome of that endless series of games against them last season, and the club and fans took them very seriously indeed.

But no matter, the author makes his point with some gusto, pointing out that beating apparently inferior opposition

“doesn’t stop their charmless manager doing his cringeworthy roar (twice!) after the game, even though it was about as much of a competitive exercise as killing a spider in your bath is.

Celebrating like that after beating a Scottish Premiership side seems like a clear case of punching down to me. The fact they don’t see it as embarrassing says a lot”.

Mr Keilloh then makes some good wider points about how money is distorting the game across Europe as the richer clubs get obscenely rich (and then some), and argues that the “bigger clubs are not interested in competition. It’s about making money to increase the gap on the poor domestic teams they like to duff up between European games.”

He then points out that the ‘Old Firm’ (whatever that is) would rather leave Scotland for a bigger stage, and that the rest of Scottish football would carry on happily enough without them.

Whilst I am sure the powers that be at Celtic would love to take Celtic
on to the biggest stage possible (balls-ups against Malmo nothwithstanding…) it isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

While Mr Keilloh’s piece is interesting, and maybe deliberately provocative(!), I found it rather depressing.

It was also completely wrong in its central point. Winning the Scottish Premiership most certainly DOES mean a lot to Celtic fans. Which is why I am posting a reblog of the piece I wrote the night Celtic won the league last season.

I can assure readers that The Clumpany was absolutely delighted!

And will be again, should Celtic win the league this season.

For I take nothing for granted.



The Clumpany

Good Evening!

There’s an upbeat mood in Clumpany Towers tonight. Not only did the final round of Championship matches – which were amazingly played all at once(!) – deliver excitement and drama at both ends of the table, but the destination of the Premiership title was decided.

In a highly pleasing development, Celtic have wrapped up the Premiership. Following Celtic’s impressive, quality goal-laden demolition of Dundee last night, Aberdeen lost to Dundee United today. Aberdeen have been magnificent in the league this season and went through a period where they genuinely appeared relentless. I expect to see more from them next season. Indeed, I look forward to it!

I am chuffed to bits for Ronny, who is a man that exudes a love of football and who is obviously loving his time at Celtic. He also doesn’t pander to the media’s tired old clichés about the dynamics of Scottish football…

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