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Good Morning.

The Sauron-like eye atop Clumpany Towers has caught sight of a torrent of Tweets from Level5 PR.

And they certainly seem determined to promote the sale of tickets for the ‘Battle of The Masqueraders’ on Wednesday night when Clydebank take on Sevco in the League Cup.

Have a look at these:   



You have to admit that that’s quite a determined effort!

I then wondered if any of the papers had picked up on the promotional blitz. By pure chance I opted to look at the Evening Shark-Jump first.

And by complete coincidence it happened to contain this piece:

Doddie: Rangers will fear no foe in cup competitions this term

Once you got past the headline – which kindly uses Sevco’s slogan for the season, and which gives the usual impression that Sevco is a small country fighting a war – you had the pleasure of reading Alex MacDonald’s upbeat thoughts about the fixture.

Despite what the article says, Alex MacDonald never actually played for Sevco, and never managed the Clydebank version of Airdreonians

But as we all know, in the Orwellian world of Scottsh sports journalism, football clubs can never go out of existence. At least they haven’t been able to since Rangers…err… went out of existence!

But anyway, the ESJ presses on regardless, and MacDonald gives us his thoughts. 

Unsurprisingly, he is impressed with the Warbolution at Sevco, and is predicting a win for them tomorrow night!

And when you get to the bottom of the piece, guess what you find…

That’s right…  

Details of ticket availability for the game!

Fancy that!

I do enjoy a stumbling across a big coincidence!



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