Lie In The Sky


I said “lie”…
Good Evening.

The Clumpany notes that the most astonishing ‘Revolution’ in the history of 

  • football
  • politics; and 
  • vaguely-defined media constructs of ‘continuity’ 

continued today with Sevco’s victory over Hibs in a hard-fought and enjoyable match.
A rational analysis of the game would conclude that Hibs squandered lots of chances while Sevco managed to take one of theirs with a great goal. 

It would also conclude that Sevco aren’t actually world-beaters yet.

But that probably won’t stop the Scottish press pack from seeking medical attention this week having got blisters on their hands through excessive high-fiving, after seeing Sevco win again.

Because it seems that today’s win wasn’t just a ‘win’. 

It was a ‘historic’ win.

Nothing screams “insecurity about loss of history through liquidation” more than the deployment of phoney ‘record-breaking’ achievements.

And lo! Everyone’s favourite Tanner and McCann-employing media outlet stepped forward today with a ‘statistic’ guaranteed to make Sevconians feel good about life!

And guaranteed to make the rest of us laugh out loud…


And then after the game, this piece was posted:

Warburton plays down record

“Warburton has played down the significance of becoming the first Rangers manager to win his first six consecutive matches in almost a century.

James Tavernier’s stunning free-kick sealed a 1-0 victory over Hibernian at Ibrox, which equalled the start made by Bill Struth in the 1920-21 season.”

The Clumpany hopes that you got that.

Sky appears to want to instruct you that the liquidation of an incorporated football club never happened.

And that The Warbmeister is squarely in the business of trying to surpass the achievements of ‘predecessor’ Bill Struth at an Ibrox-based club.

It really is laughable stuff. 

Sky Sports know what happened in 2012, and indeed found themselves in ‘lively’ negotiations following the liquidation of one of the two clubs upon which they (and the governing bodies) appeared to base their ‘view’ of Scottish football.

But it is seemingly all too easy to ignore this reality, and to pretend that creditor-stiffing and questionably-gained trophies never happened. 

A fiction of continuity and an ‘impending resumption of Old Firm rivalries’ is much easier to peddle.

Even if the truth is that since the death of Rangers the Scottish game has been more vibrant and interesting than it has been for many years.

That alternative narrative would require honesty and imagination to promote.

And why would you go down that path when you have David Tanner pre-programmed to say ‘Old Firm’ at the drop of a hat?



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